Friday, May 31, 2013

The Commoner Finishes the Challenge

Final challenge-a vivid memory.  I defer to my earliest memory-a three year old lost in Queens.

My aunts lived on Ditmars Blvd. in Jackson Heights.  For my Russian readers -I'll give you some perspective.  This is the neighborhood in Queens by Laguardia Airport, Shea Stadium, and the World's Fair.

 My aunts lived next to eachother and next to them was Anna's Little Store.  I loved Anna's little store and it's there where I was headed when I somehow ended up across the street.  Across Ditmars Blvd.  6 Lane thoroughfare. 

I can't remember of course how long I was gone but I remember this.  Children playing in a yard , riding in the back seat of a white car with red patent leather seats, and finally riding in a cop car.

Legend has it I stopped to play with the kids in the yard  the very responsible family realized I didn't belong there and called the police.  

I'm not sure what the white car red seats were about.  I think it was the family that found me.  Somehow the cops figured out where I belonged and I was returned to the Sunday family dinner.  I remember the cops driving me-maybe they had the red seats. 

Others may have different views of this story but this is my memory and the fact that I negotiated my way around Queens and wound up safely home rather than as the wife of a serial killer -is a miracle.

That is the commoner's most vivid and early memory.  

What's yours?