Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sometimes you skip a workout

Remember the day I was feeling so strong!  I was lifting more weight doing better reps.  Yeah well that was dumb.  Tuesday was a scheduled day off but Tuesday night I was sitting at my computer when -what was that?
No it wasn't a computer virus it was a cramp in my back.  So I cancelled Wednesday's workout.  Because-you know-I can

I felt better after some icy hot and rest.  I have a thing about icy hot.  I might be addicted but i love it.

In two days we are going to Ireland for Meghan's wedding.  Today was a scheduled day off so I could prepare.  There's a lot to do before a trip let alone an international trip let alone a wedding let alone when security is heightened because of more terror.

Ugly bathroom selfie-I was trying to check out the back of the dress.  I'm terrible at selfies.

Anyway I was able to get in a three mile run at 7AM before I started the day.  I'm sure half of the school saw me and were wondering what was going on.

It was a wonderful 3 mile run  in very cold weather.

One more run before our plane leaves tomorrow.  I probably won't be blogging because I'm not bringing work out clothes or even sneakers.  I'm off to the castle
Running Song of the Day.  I have a Great Gatsby obsession.  I even have a pinterest board that says it.  Love the book love the movies Loved the Leo version.  Hence this song.  Love this song

Monday, March 21, 2016

Good News for Running

Today I went to the gym and actually felt strong in my workout.  I was able to use the heavier weights-I was able to feel strong.  I was able to do the reps-it was awesome.  Marathon Goal -to go into training as strong as possible.

I've been thinking I should call my fancy knee doctor to see what he thought about me running the New York City Marathon.  My doctor is super important so you can't speak to him on the phone.  You have to speak to a person who speaks to him and calls you back.
Doctor what precautions do I need to do for my knee to run the New York City Marathon.  See what I did there?  I didn't ask if I should because oh I'm going to Jerry.  I asked what I should do. 
Doctor said NO PRECAUTIONS and that he's so excited that I'm going to run this race.
That's my happy dance.

Workout song of the day happens to be my all time favorite work out song that I always try to listen to.
My favorite line of any song ever-"sensitive thugs you all need hugs"

Sing it Jay!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Most Pleasant Run I've Ever Had

This was my last day on the trail for two weeks.  The last run for a really long time which was just for fun.  And it was -7 miles of pure pleasure.  Just a nice run on the trail-with it's flowing water and green fields.  Nice cool weather with a gentle headwind on the way back -which you always want because it cools you off.  
Such a great run.

So I've decided to show you pictures from my trail.  I love this place.  I'm so happy there even when it hurts.  I'm happy because I'm healthy enough to be there.  If you are on the trail I will always smile and wave at you.  Unless I don't.


The Foot Bridge

The Goats

The Rules

The View at 2 Miles

The Rain

The Drought

I love this trail.

Running Song of the Day  Encore-JayZ and Lincoln Park

Saturday, March 19, 2016

On Fridays We Dance

When I decided to bring back the blog with a focus on my training for the marathon and how it would take over my life for nine months like a pregnancy-I decided to write about my training.  So on days I don't run or work out I don't post.  Because -on Fridays we dance.

And staying out to midnight and dancing for hours and whatever else the night included make for a tired Saturday.

So while I still can -you know before exercise becomes work I decided that I would take myself for a walk with Rob rather than a run with myself.  

It was nice to just walk and catch up.  So that 3 mile notice from Nike?  3.46  actually was a walk not a run.  But that's okay!!

Next week we are going to Ireland for Meghan's wedding.  I'm not even bringing any workout things.  None Not any.  Nothing. Nada.  Not even trying.  So you probably won't hear from me-unless I do a wedding pic dump.
One of my favorite NYC landmarks.

Here is your running inspiration.  Your training plan will get you to the finish line.

And today's running song

Sweet Child of Mine-Guns and Roses!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Running without Eating

Today was one of those days.

First of all I was tired.  I am napping at 7PM -waking up at 7:30 falling asleep at 11 and getting up at 4.  I'm tired all the time !

Happy St. Patrick's Day by the Way from two musicians on Grafton Street.

Also my food consisted of a protein drink, a slice of cheese, a cookie, and a piece of toast.  A 12:30 meeting meant no meal time.  I thought about ordering food but I thought i might look like a pig eating it.
There were apples -but I hate apples.

It was 79 degrees and 5:30 and still I ran!  3 slow sloggy miles.  But I ran!  Knowing it is all for fun makes it great.

Shadow selfie on my cool down.  It looks like I am wearing a cape.

This was a slow slow run but whatever!!
Inspirational quote of the day.  No lie-this is total truth.

My beautiful Trail

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Why is a one hour Time Change so hard?

Happy St. Patrick's Day Eve!  

Nothing says st. Patrick's like Guinness.  I'm not celebrating though because we are going to Ireland next week.  All of us.  For a wedding!  So no training until then.

But i'm still working out.  Today was the gym.  Seriously 5AM gym folks  what is the deal with putting a towel on a machine and wandering around to talk to your friends for 15 minutes.  I've watched you-you are not working out that hard. You are just silly.

Plus they wipe the machines down so much I have wet pants from sitting on the bench after they wipe it down and make puddles

But doctor said get strong.  So it's the weight machines-twice a week.  He said so.

Scene from my trail.  The goats!!!!!!!!  I LOVE THEM

Inspirational running quote of the day.

Workout Song of the Day-Don't be a hater-I love this song

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Having Fun with Running Before it All gets Serious

After school runs in the spring are hard.  It's windy.  I've eaten lots of crap all day for sure.  So I'm usually sluggish. But right now it doesn't matter because it's all for fun.

Can you see the wind?  I bet you can!
So I work in a middle school and it's awesome.  I love everything about it.  Thanks to a coworker for announcing that I would be running the New York City Marathon.  I was honored.  I was thrilled.  I had no problem talking about running through my whole town.   It's that serious.  It's on!

I am going to love fruits and vegetables.  I am.  I will.  I swear.

Today's reason for loving marathon training..
Coming home from the long run in the fall and planting my achy feet on the couch and watching football........all Sunday long.

Inspirational quote of the day

Running Song of the Day.  Best Day of My Life.

I love this song because it's so happy.   Plus I saw this band at Rock and Roll San Francisco and they were really really good.

Tomorrow  AM Weights.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Weights and Gym in the morning.

Now let's be clear.  None of what I am doing is marathon training.  It's what I've been doing always and forever and especially since my knee surgery.
My doctor said that I needed to be stronger and I've been working in the weight room long before I was able to run.

This 10K was a huge accomplishment for me.

So I put up with all the gym politics.  Like people who put towels on the weight machines and walk away for 15 minutes.  Drives me crazy.
So I'm focusing on all the things I love about marathon training.   Because I honestly love more than I hate about it.

I love how all my clothes fit great during marathon training.
Starting lines in the middle of the night

Training Song of the Day
Sometimes you have to disco dance your way through

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rainy Day Running At The Gym

Since marathon training doesn't really start until July.  And marathon prep training doesn't start until April.  I didn't feel the need to have to run in the stupid rain today.  Have you heard I hate the rain?  Yes I do.  This practically makes me a criminal in California but I hate it.
So off to the gym I went and I was determined to do a 6 mile run on the treadmill.  The treadmill.   The treadmill.  I did promise myself walk breaks but here's how it looked.
Here are the things that happened on the run.  The Beats lost their bluetooth connection and suddenly Emenem is rapping to the gym.  Stop and fix.

Then the treadmill decided that one hour was enough.  So it stopped.  I had to restart it.  I thought this is a sign that I should use the elliptical.  But I considered those last 6 miles of the Marathon and I kept going.
Today's running Song of the day!
Now to make this week's training schedule.  Bring on the sun!!
Celebrate Folks

Saturday, March 12, 2016

One Thing I Love About Marathon Training

Ever since my acceptance into the NYC Marathon my running has been great.  Like I'm flying.  Well like if a penguin was flying because some runners are really a lot faster than me.

Sometimes it's community service day at the trail and I will admit it's a little creepy.

One thing I can't wait for?

Carbs!!!!!  I can't wait for counting the opposite of cutting carbs but EATING carbs.
I hate the starting line-but it's lots of energy.

Today I ran 3 miles.  I loved those miles.  There was a woman running a leg of the course back and forth and I realized she was hill training.  I wonder if I will do hill training.  She really rocked her running outfit too.   I give that girl a 10 and her coach on the bike.  10s for all of you.

Running song of the Day!! Jungle