Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Commoner and The Zombie Apocolypse

I'm pretty sure I may have a zombie obsession going on.  I think it began with Walking Dead.  It's not like  Vampires which I was raised on.  That's right raised on-Dark Shadows at 4 years old.  This acquisition of an obsession started about 5 years ago.

Have you read The Passage or The follow up The Twelve?  All zombies.

I find real life zombie events in my life all the time.  When we landed in Dublin after a 12 hour flight-all the Americans trying to get through immigration? We were the walking dead for sure.  No life in our eyes.

When on the occasion that I would like a quiet lunch in my classroom, the students don't take the fact that I won't open the door for them lightly.  They become zombies banging at the door, staring in the window for a full half hour.  They are zombie children and they won't stop until I come out of hiding.  Usually when lunch is over. Knock, knock, pound, pound open the door.

The Walking Dead hooked me though.  I was gripped by the story line and learned to do a great impersonation of a zombie.  

Every week I watch Walking Dead and usually I come away depressed and sad. Because that's what television is supposed to make you want to be.  Depressed and sad right?  

But I make my own fun watching the show.  I do the impersonations-I do a british accent everytime the character The Governor comes on.  I say things like "Gobenor your daughter is a zombie Gobenor."  Rob loves all these things.  To make the viewing even more fun I often ask numerous questions about what's happening.

I often wonder what the point of zombie fighting is.   Will it ever end or are these poor characters destined for fighting zombies and worse other humans for the rest of eternity.  

I know when the zombie apocalypse comes I have no intention of staying and fighting. It's dirty, it's exhausting.  But regardless -another season of Walking Dead is over.

But luckily zombie lovers there are some other zombie projects to help us through the long hot summer.  Brad Pitt has a great movie coming out. World War Z.

Okay so today I saw World War Z.  Those zombies would have totally kicked my butt.  They were SUPER FAST!  Plus they look nothing like my impersonation.  I hope you got to see it.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Commoner Goes For A Run

I love to run as you may know.  In two weeks I'll be running my second half marathon of the year and I'm ready.

Last Sunday was the final long run before you start my favorite part-tapering off-where you run less so that your body recovers from the beating you've given it over the last three months.

That final run was a 12 mile run through my beautiful trail in Morgan Hill.  That meant 6 miles up and 6 miles back.  Past the model airplane area, past the foot bridge, past the golf course-into the land that is so far from the start I'm not sure if I'm in the same town or if I made it to San Francisco
 (Next to AT&T Park and Valley Fair this Mall -this trail is my happy place)

The whole time I was training for this half marathon I tried to beat my times from the last time I did one.  This worked for me-I was stronger, faster, leaner, and had done all of these runs on the trail and it was a breeze.
 (4 Mile foot bridge-that's what I call it anyway)

The three mile mark.

But then there was mile 12. 

(Not sure what this means).

Last time I ran the 12 mile training run I crashed, mentally and physically.  At mile 6 I couldn't breath and my shoulder hurt and I had to walk most of the way back.

I cried-I did-I never cry but I did.  All that training and I couldn't go 12 and had to race 13.  A set back I was assured and I changed my goal for the half to be to finish and I did.  I made it. I finished.

The training this time had been a breeze and I was confident I could face the 12 mile ghost.  But then Rob pinched a nerve and he couldn't run.  He could just drink Starbucks for 2 hours and wait.  

Usually Rob is on the trail.  We never run together because he is fast-but I see him on his way back and he waits for me at the end with a high five.

So I'm by myself-no big deal.  This is my trail and I'm fine. The runners would be out, the bike riders, and the walkers with their dogs and kids.  Everyone on this trail gets along with a mutual respect.  Bikes say "On your left".  Dog owners contain their dogs as you pass and runners always wave and nod.  I love it.

I stop every 3 miles.  I stretch, wipe the sweat, catch my breath, eat some power gel and take a look at the scenery. I try to remember to look around occasionally because it's beautiful.  

My run is going pretty well.  I'm running a fast pace, but feeling strong and confident.  I'm not in that mind zone where I'm focusing on other things, songs, lesson plans, vacations, I couldn't really think of anything. Running is my therapy but today's run was a mental game itself.   At mile 3 I stopped looked around and noticed.  There was absolutely no one in sight.  Not as far as the eye can see.

I'm a city girl with city senses.  I know my surroundings, no how to walk, what to avoid, and sense trouble a mile away.  There's a sense to danger in the city.  It's usually pretty standard and if your smart you can avoid it.  I've spent a lot of time in NYC growing up, I had that.

Put me out in nature and not so much.  There's nature, there's serial killers, there's places where the psychos can hide you for years and no one knows, there's killer bugs, and birds.  It's like hiking, I don't like that solitude.  

I've never been on my trail when NOONE is around and now I'm a little freaked. (admittedly I probably ran faster).  I had to continue and as I did I started noticing a few cyclists.  The code is usually no contact with cyclists, you don't have to wave, or nod or acknowledge, you usually just stay out of there way.

 But not this day.  Not for me.  I made eye contact with every single one of them. I nodded, thumbs upped and said 'good morning' to every one of them I noticed.  I figured that they could identify my body or remember seeing me if I went missing.  I pictured my husband calling the school for my class picture to give to the papers.  It was going to be bad. But the cyclists would remember me because I said hi to all of them.  I was a little dizzy from the nodding I'll admit.

The run went fine. I chased my demons, I finished strong and confident.  The last 2 miles are really hard no matter how far you run because they are all uphill.  But I finished strong and fast and even thought I could have done more miles, like I will be in the fall when it's marathon training time.

Something unforgivable did happen in the last mile. No one has told the pretty blond mom runner group that it's polite to say hello to me if you are a runner on my trail.  As I said hello to each of these runners-according to the runner code.  Not one of them-the 7 of them, all blond, in groups of 2s or 3s who were perfectly dressed in pretty black outfits even acknowledged me.  I hate them.  They need to find a different trail.

They all looked like this.


Friday, March 22, 2013

The Commoner Loves Zulily

Oh my dear QVC-how I've loved you over the last 20 years.  I still do sort of care about you.  You know the way you care about an old boyfriend?  Kind of watch from afar.  We may occasionally cross paths when there is a fantastic TSV (today's special value) if you
aren't sure.  I may buy a lunch time special, buy a pair of Clarks and of course you have the BEST value in make up.  

I belong to every shopping website on the planet, groupon, Bloomspot, Google Offers, Amazon Local, and I barely ever bought anything on any of them.  But one day something special happened.  A very special day that will always be commemorated.  If I knew exactly when it was.  A couple of weeks ago I think. Maybe.

I'ld heard of Zulily and occasionally would check out the site, which mostly had baby clothes, cute but not for me.

Then one day-something caught my eye.  They had BOC shoes.  I love BOC shoes.  I usually buy them at Macys and I usually spend up to 70 dollars for them.
    Well the BOC word in the subject line caught my eye, and there were those shoes which looked really cool.  26 dollars with tax and shipping.  One paypal click and they were mine. 

Move on with  life -buy an Irish sweater on the QMore coconut water from Amazon.

Yesterday in the Zulily subject line it said hush puppy shoes.  Now I had to go past the baby dresses to get there but there were The Hush Puppy shoes.  The same brand I wore as a kidCute gold color sandles-cute!  Not fugly school mom. Cute.  20 dollars with tax and shipping-SOLD!

Today when I woke up it said Aasics.  I don't wear Aasics but Rob does.  Surely this website can't be selling Aasics at a great price.  I clicked and you know what? It was fantastastic.  (Yes I spelled that wrong on purpose-it was that great).  

All sorts of running clothes all priced at less than 20 dollars.  I couldn't do it though.  I had to stop the madness.  This might be the most dangerous addiction yet.   
When I spoke about it later that night on Facebook, I found lots of people love Zulily.  Then I found out my friend Joe's wife works there.  That means Zulily is my new destiny.
Out with the old in with the new. 



Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Commoner Answers Some Questions

One of my favorite blogs that I read is by a runner.  I would say another runner, but I'm no where near her category of running.  She's 27 a new mom, an ex teacher, super sweet, loves food and runs like 2 minute miles or something.  She actually wins races.  Her blog is  and you should read her sometime.

 IMG 4765

 Anyway she's a local girl with a great comment section.  Turns out a lot of her readers are bloggers mostly bloggers writing  about running, but all kinds of bloggers and we've all kind of connected.

One blogger runner is and I was so excited when she nominated me for a Liebster Award -which basically is just me answering questions.  So for Turkey Runner who actually runs more like I do-here are the answers you've all waited for-in a Commoner kind of way.

1.  What is your birthday?

 And this year on the Day I run the Chicago Marathon I turn 50

2.  How many siblings do you have?
 I'm a lonely only!
3.  What is your favorite color?
Blue and purple-I love them both

4.  How many countries have you been to?'
 I've been to America, Canada-a lot, Mexico, and Ireland-a lot
5.  Do you have any hidden talents?
No I don't hide anything

6.  What is your current TV Addiction?
Cable Drama-Walking Dead, The Following, The Americans,
American Horror Story, 
7. Favorite workout?
Running and only running especially on my trail.  That's right my trail.  The county of Santa Clara may think they own it but it's mine.

8.  Do you have a celebrity crush?
Need you ask?

  9.  Do you have a favorite team that you root for?
I have 2-the San Francisco Giants and The New York Rangers

10.  Where did you grow up?
Westbury New York baby!!!

I didn't grow up on this side of Westbury, I lived on the other side of the tracks -

10 Why did you start blogging?
Because weird things always happen to me.

I hope hungry runner girl and turkey runner girl get to read commoner runner girl's answers.  I'm supposed to pass them on to other bloggers.  I'll get to that I'm sure

Now you know a little more about me.  Take care!

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Commoner Gets Fancy Nails

I never get my nails done.  Can you believe that I have never had a manicure?  I'm blessed to have strong, long, healthy, nails.  I've never needed them.

My days are super crazy.  Work, running, and for some reason tons of meetings all the time.  The other day a friend said come on lets go get our nails done.  You know me -I never turn down anything (probably why I go to so many meetings).

There is nothing but pizza places and beauty salons in the town I live in.  We went to one I've never heard of.  It was on the outside edge of town.  Spa Nails maybe?  Not really sure. I'd have to go there to tell you.

I walked in and looked at the nail polish on the wall.  Most of which looked like it  was old and handed down from another salon-they all looked the same.  I can't make that choice.

No need-I'm getting Gel Nails-which last forever and for which I have to come back to take them off, or else wrap them in tin foil and put my hands in the oven.  I don't know.

Furthermore my friend insist we have a design and we pull up pinterest on my phone until we find the perfect design.  Great-I'm thrilled!  

So we have a snazzy design and we are ready to go.  Finally my nail person (what do you call those people) comes by and gets to work on my beaten up nails.

There was a point when the owner walked in.  She had her feet manicured and then bumped my nail lady out of the chair and finished my nails herself.  I wasn't sure what to make of this but I was happy to have the boss take over.

It was a chatty group of three there that day.  There was a lady who was a flight attendant for American Airlines and she had lots of stories to tell.  I also found out that my beautiful nail lady/manicurist (that's what they call them) was from Long Island.

I love Long Island-I miss New York I say to the manicurist don't you?  She shrugs and says I like San Francisco.  End of conversation.  She's right though-if NY were not my home city I might say the same thing.  I LOVE San Francisco.

So I walked out with fancy nails.  I've never had fancy nails-it's kind of distracting and I think some of it may have been done with a sharpie.  But that's okay-I kind of like it.  I may have a new addiction.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Commoner Breaks Her Glasses

I have had a hate-hate relationship with my glasses since I was 8 years old and first started wearing them. 
I used to watch tv really close to the screen and that was the tip off for my mom. 
They told me I was far sighted and only needed  my glasses for seeing close up-but my mom knew that a  pair of glasses going on and off all day stood no chance against an 8 year old.  Thus I wore my glasses all the time. 
My eyes grew dependant and the rebell that I was in high school, I went back and forth between contacts (hurt ALOT thank you astigmatism) and just not wearing them.   
I made peace with my glasses, my big glasses, my transition lenses -which never went back to normal-my computer glasses, my sunglasses, and my bifocals.  I was good with all of these.  On -off switch on off, switch. 
This all worked out pretty well until a week ago, while getting dressed, putting on my glasses I heard a snap.  No problem just the screw -we can fix that.  Not the screw-the full on arm snapped in half at the hinge.
 This was Thursday and the eye doctor said the part would be in Monday after work.  Crap I'm blind-I really am.
Can you imagine the week I had?  I tried old glasses that I had but they weren't strong enough.  I wore them running -I almost threw up, I wore them driving, I almost crashed.
 Then I switched to wearing my computer glasses all the time.  They are like reading glasses.  This was a little better but I still had head  aches all the time, you could see every flake of my mascara, I still had head aches and felt like throwing up during my 10K, and driving was still iffy.
I was at the mall bumping into things when I wandered into a Lensecrafter and begged them to make a prescription from my current glasses when they informed me the state of California doesn't let you do that.  I tried crying, I tried bumping into displays, I passed them a note give me a pair of glasses or else, I tried begging. None of it worked.

Okay I'll wear sunglasses.  Which is great -but you can't really see when you are inside.  I have a thing about light.  I need a lot of it so wearing sunglasses inside just didn't cut it.
Finally it  was the big day!  I was going to be able to see.  The eye doctor repaired the part, cleaned them up and out I walked.  I could see Praise Jesus! I was healed!  
Here's what I learned, get a spare pair of glasses, carry a paper prescription always,  don't wear your sunglasses at night, and don't run a 10K in reading glasses.  It's not fun and it doesn't make for happy running pictures.