Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Commoner Breaks Her Glasses

I have had a hate-hate relationship with my glasses since I was 8 years old and first started wearing them. 
I used to watch tv really close to the screen and that was the tip off for my mom. 
They told me I was far sighted and only needed  my glasses for seeing close up-but my mom knew that a  pair of glasses going on and off all day stood no chance against an 8 year old.  Thus I wore my glasses all the time. 
My eyes grew dependant and the rebell that I was in high school, I went back and forth between contacts (hurt ALOT thank you astigmatism) and just not wearing them.   
I made peace with my glasses, my big glasses, my transition lenses -which never went back to normal-my computer glasses, my sunglasses, and my bifocals.  I was good with all of these.  On -off switch on off, switch. 
This all worked out pretty well until a week ago, while getting dressed, putting on my glasses I heard a snap.  No problem just the screw -we can fix that.  Not the screw-the full on arm snapped in half at the hinge.
 This was Thursday and the eye doctor said the part would be in Monday after work.  Crap I'm blind-I really am.
Can you imagine the week I had?  I tried old glasses that I had but they weren't strong enough.  I wore them running -I almost threw up, I wore them driving, I almost crashed.
 Then I switched to wearing my computer glasses all the time.  They are like reading glasses.  This was a little better but I still had head  aches all the time, you could see every flake of my mascara, I still had head aches and felt like throwing up during my 10K, and driving was still iffy.
I was at the mall bumping into things when I wandered into a Lensecrafter and begged them to make a prescription from my current glasses when they informed me the state of California doesn't let you do that.  I tried crying, I tried bumping into displays, I passed them a note give me a pair of glasses or else, I tried begging. None of it worked.

Okay I'll wear sunglasses.  Which is great -but you can't really see when you are inside.  I have a thing about light.  I need a lot of it so wearing sunglasses inside just didn't cut it.
Finally it  was the big day!  I was going to be able to see.  The eye doctor repaired the part, cleaned them up and out I walked.  I could see Praise Jesus! I was healed!  
Here's what I learned, get a spare pair of glasses, carry a paper prescription always,  don't wear your sunglasses at night, and don't run a 10K in reading glasses.  It's not fun and it doesn't make for happy running pictures.