Friday, March 1, 2013

The Commoner's Obsession With Snacks

I am obsessed with having enough food.  Anyone who knew my Grandmother or Mother can tell you that I grew up in a house where food of all types was abundant, and if there weren't left overs people were underfed.

There are times in my life when I'm absolutely obsessed with having enough food supplies.  Every day at work and on airplanes.  I used to bring a dainty little lunch bag.  2 snacks and lunch fit in perfectly.

 Once a week or so I go to Nob Hill in the mornings before work.  I won't go to Nob Hill for real shopping because they insist on walking your cart to the car, and that requires small talk, opening your trunk to a possible serial killer and well-knowing where you parked your car without having to walk around pressing the panic button on the keys.
 I love Nob Hill because they have high quality food.  They have a 'whole food' section where I can pick up some great healthy options to match the Stella Doro cookies I buy and the bag of chips to last the week.  But best of all, they carry Nuun Electrolyte tablets which I love love love!  Can't get them any where else locally.
Well one morning I just got tired of packing my little lunch box, or buying snacks and leaving them at school where, when left over night the mice or ants might attack them.  

So I had an idea.  Why not pack one of those reusable grocery bags full of snacks and lunch and carry them every day to work-like a super lunch bag.  
  In the bag, were Lunch,  Cadbury Crunchies, Little Debbie Snack Cakes, Potato Chips, Rice Cakes, Green Tea Bags, Bags of Ice-to freeze at work-and chocolate.

Sounds dangerous doesn't it?  Like a junk food buffet.  Well you know what happened?  I hardly eat any of it, and I've lost 3 pounds.  Just like the Ben and Jerry's diet of the past? I'm pretty sure knowing I have access to emergency snack food-means I don't have to eat it.

Try it-pack a bag of your favorite foods and bring them to work.  See what happens?  I bet you hardly touch it.