Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Commoner's Dog Falls in Love

There was a lot of sickness around my house last week.  Both Bella and I  had versions of a sinus infection which left us both very sick and feverish.  Maybe you haven't met Bella.  She's my black lab/border collie mix and she's the smartest most faithful dog in the world.  

Bella is a quiet leader among my two dogs, always in charge and never saying a word.  She's never been sick and she was really sick.  Then there's Benjie.

Benjie decided to be nursemaid to both of us.  When I got better he took care  of Bella.  He sat with her, he cleaned her face, he guarded her, and then.....he fell in love with her.

  On the day I was sick with a 102 fever all day and sleeping, Benjie laid by my bed all day and barked if anyone came near me.  Wow I thought he's such a good nurse.

The next day she did the same thing with Bella.  Wow I thought this dog is really meant to be a nurse.  He could be a rescue dog.  He's so special.   At that moment, my special little, child like, happy-go-lucky, I love you mommy puppy turned into well.......Hugh Hefner?  Except his only love was Bella and at that point she was a magnet and getting to her was Benjie's obsession.

And there was nothing that was going to stand between him and a very sick Bella.  We tried everything-spraying him with a water bottle when he barked, cried, or approached Bella.  The result?  A very wet and very angry Benjie.

Next I thought I had a great idea-I put Benjie on a leash!  Doesn't that sound great?  Yeah he chewed through that in about 30 seconds.

Next we tries separate rooms.  This resulted in barking, scratching, crying, barking, growling, and biting-yes I'll admit I bite back.

Gone was my cute little dog replaced  by this beast.  At this moment if someone had offered me 25 dollars for Benjie, I would have paid them to take him.  There were a few times I was sure Benjie was going to show up on one of those Sara McLaughlin commercials.  I prayed to St. Francis to protect him from us.

Finally I told the Vet please neuter my dog before I do it myself....Well that's a story for another day....

In the meantime Bella started to get stronger and Benjie started to get calmer and then once in a while he would bring me a baby to play fetch with and I knew there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Tonight as I write this Benjie is recovering from his 'procedure' and Bella is comfortably resting without someone sniffing her butt, or ear.  (for reason's you'll learn another time-this process was confusing to Benjie-)

My idea of dog love was something like Lady and the Tramp, eating spaghetti and falling in love-this was more like The Wild Ones.