Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Commoner's Idea for Education

During knee rehab -which is now over.  My knee still hurts yes but I am back at work so suck it up.  Wow-long sentence.  During my knee rehab I became, among other things, a blog junky.

Read lots of them.  Fashion, running, decorating, and teaching.  The teacher blogs are amazing.  If you ever doubt that teachers never give up and are a great addition to man kind, read some blogs.

So I'm in a blog hop.  It took me a long time to get to write it because I didn't even understand what a blog hop was.  But here it goes.

My philosophy of education which I've pondered for two years of my master's program is easy.  Every child can learn.  If they aren't learning it is our job to make sure they do.  It is our job to figure out why.  It is our job to fix it for every child.

It is true no one may be helping them at home or they are lucky to get to school with or with out food.  We have to look through that and make sure that they know that education is their open door and we need to support them through it.

Pretty simple.

I think you should hop over to this blog.  If you follow the hop-your faith in the world will be restored or refueled.

Have a good weekend.

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