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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Things you Might See Me do on a 20 Mile Run

20 miles is a long time to run by yourself.  About 4 hours!!
If you were on the path following me the whole time you might have seen me do some interesting things.
First thing I looked for the goats.  The goats had been my training fans (not their dog so much though) for the past month.  I would see them at two miles, 4 miles, and then on the way back.  They were gone.  There were no goats to jump in the way and cheer me on -no goat dog to chase me.

These runs are long and by design slow.  If you had seen me run you would have seen me get really mad that this group of hipsters were passing me by.  They weren't even fast.  If it had not been so early in the run I may have tried to stay with them.  I have a big ego.  But with a long run like this I had to let them go and feel like a slug.
I used to love the dragon flies at mile 4 but they don't exist anymore.  I blame it on the drought.  But we have these new creepy beetles.  They are really big and really gross.  There aren't lots but a few.  If you had been following me in my run you would have seen me do this hoppy dance thing every time i see one.
You would have seen me drink water.  You would have seen me eat gu and chews and scratch things and weird little stretches so my shoulders don't stop working. You may have heard me sing to a song or two.

You would have seen me stop to take pictures.   That's because I know I won't be doing any runs that take me this far out again.  

The top picture says no swimming or diving.  Last year there were people in boats swimming.  This year there is no river.  You can see that in the second picture.  It 's like the scene of the movie-one of those zombie ones.

The bottom picture is where I run through the electricity transformers.  I usually go super fast because I don't want it seeping into my body.

Anyway-the long runs are over.  That 20 miler was really really good.  I was fast and strong and generally unphased by it.

Unfortunately I was dragging all week.  But the marathon is in one month.  And the training has gone great.  And You know what?

These old legs are holding up well.

I'm glad you didn't get to follow me and watch me do some pretty gross things on my 20 miler.  But if you want to come to the marathon and watch or follow me there? That would be fun

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Commoner's 20 mile run eve stress

The hall mark of any marathon training is the 20 mile run.  It's the pinnacle of all the miles.  The last big run before you start decreasing your mileage.  That's tomorrow and I'm scared.  Even though I 've done it.  Even though the 18 were easy and you get to go to a water fountain.

First of all the other day I banged my knee on a bench at school.  MY KNEE!!! Today it's sore and I'm sad.

That's not my knee.

I'm watching JayZ and Beyonce .  This concert was one week ago.  Now it's on TV she really is beautiful.
I hope these two really stay together for ever.  Maybe they will move into the white house when Obama leaves.  They are pretty good at everything they do.

That's all I have  I'll let you know how it goes.  The IPOD is all loaded and charged.

Hopefully my knee is just bruised.  Right?

20 20 20 20 miles.  I'll take lots of pictures to entertain myself

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Commoner has Nothing to Do

I mis scheduled my homework so I don't have too much to do.  Let's look at pictures and my playlist at the same time!

Somewhere over the rainbow-or the neighbors house.

Wham because I like to run to this song
Seriously you can't mix corn beef and pastrami on St. Patrick's Day.  Wrong Religion.  

Yes he's a bad guy.  I do like this song.  I'm sure the other people involved in this song and video are upstanding citizens.  I run to this song.
Pit Bull-Mr. World Wide.

Still a great song.  My favorite running song.  I run to this.
I graduate in May and then we can get back to partying 7 days a week.

Daft Punk is fun.  I run to this!
I get a lot of news from Perez Hilton.  The important news anyway.

I'm obsessed with Gatsby-the book and the latest movie for it's cool music.  I run to this-except when I hop to it.  On my runs-----embarrassing.  
Get on your feet JLaw-every one loved  your naked pictures!

Turn down for what?   No idea.....I run to this song and try to figure it out the whole time.
My favorite football player is hurt again.  This is a good guy-he can't catch a break.  He fragilish.  (Is that a word?)

Good night fair people.  The big 20 mile run this weekend.  Yep!  Lets do this

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Random thoughts on an 18 mile run

See how crazy I was there?  No caps in the title.

Here are some random thoughts from my run.

18 miles.  Who runs 18 miles.  I don't even drive 18 miles.  Crazy People do that.

Where are the goats?

We are here so early the bathrooms are closed.  Now I really have to go to the bathroom.  My goal for the marathon is not to stop to pee so I am training my bladder but this is ridiculous.  Port a potty mile 2.
Boys of Summer.  That song means I'm running fast.  Isn't it ironic this song played on the radio on my first day at work this year?  Irony..  Keep running.
Lots of people seemed to be running faster than me today but these long runs are SUPPOSED to be slow!  It's okay super fast girls with the long hair.
When is Orange is the New Black Coming Back?  Should I rematch the last episode before I sit down to watch the new season-when it starts again?  KEEP RUNNING!!

My headband is so sweaty!  It's not even working any more.
I hope Joe gets me a discount on Microsoft Word for Mac.  Oh yeah I don't have a disk drive.  I must call Joe.  How many more miles?
I never even ever rode my bike 3 hours and I'm running for almost 4?  Really?  Stop the insanity.
Why do the trees look like it's November?  What month is it?  Drink so Power are.
My face is so dirty.  I should carry some of these.
I wish Bella had started running with me when she was a puppy.  Oh look at those Border Collies in the truck going to take care of the sheep!  I'm so thirsty.
I've silenced this voice!

When you reach the 9 mile mark of your run on my trail you come to a beautiful river or something.  It's cooling to look at it's fresh and people are fishing, and jet skiing on it. 

Not this year.  This year it looked like something out of one of those end of the world movies.  The drought is out of control.  To see the bottom of a river bed where people were boating last year? It's super sad.  I won't even curse the rain this year.  Except for on Fridays at 1 when I go over the hill.  For that hour no rain.

I also spent 5 miles trying to remember who played the Seahawks on Thursday.  I never did remember.  

One more long run.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Commoner and The 17 Mile Run

People often wonder what do you do on a 17 mile run.  Well today was that run and it was great!  I have embraced the long runs.  They are slow, they are scenic, they burn a gajillion calories (which you immediately replenish) the sun, and the music.

For almost 3 1/2 hours today here are some things I did.

Goats are bought to the trail to eat the grass.  There are thousands of them.  They love to lay there but at mile 15 they were on the run.  They were running faster than I was.  Tilt your head. or flip your computer 

At mile 2 they were sitting still.  I decided that I would say hello to them.  They have a dog guard who did not like that idea.  They also had an escaped goat.  I couldn't help them because the dog was going to eat me.

The rest of the run consists of eating chews, swelling gu, and drinking power aid.  Walk breaks every two miles.  Deer crossings, saying hi to every bike rider and runner on the route.  And killing the run.  Here is my new favorite running song.
Okay I'm not going to be world champion and I'm not on a team.  But I love it.  I played it all of mile 13 today!

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Commoner and The Tour of Norcal

Fridays are going to be crazy.  My life is crazy these days but in a good way.  Here is my day.  Now note Friday there is no running and there is no work at my school.   That would make it an easy normal day.

7:30 Head on out to Santa Cruz for training.

I wish.  It wasn't that kind of training.  I'm not a fan of Santa Cruz.  It's far out of the way from every where and I usually can't find parking.  I don't even know how Siri got me there we just ended up at the Office of Education.

1:00 back in the car to San Jose where I have Friday night class.  That's right Friday Night Class.  I'm a city girl, I like city streets and straight Free ways.  I spent my cycling years riding the service road to the Long Island Expressway.  The mountainous pass from Santa Cruz to San Jose to me is a white knuckle fear fest.  Kind of like that roller coaster.

If you google images for Highway 17 most of what you see is car crashes.  I can't imagine having to do this in the rain.  I'm sure I will have to.

Since Santa Cruz lets out at 1-it gives me plenty of time to get over this monster as a white knuckle old lady.  My reward?
That's right!  Macy's Labor Day Sale and Chipotle for lunch.  Oh yeah and some crazy candy store where I bought treats for class.  I even bought treats for my class mates.  They were very happy.

I had 90 minutes at the beautiful mall.  I remember thinking 'come on ! It's 2PM on Friday and you are at the MALL.  Not just any mall.  My favorite mall in the country.  No the world!!   

Back in the car and down the road to San Jose State where it turns out my new professor teaches 3 classes, works full time, AND commutes from Felton to Gilroy to San Jose.  Felton is on HWY 17.  She gets it and I think I'm going to like her.   Plus class got out at 6!
She made us chose writing partners.  That person will be helping us.  The best writer in the class is my partner.  This is really my day.

Then I got home-and decided that even though it was 8 O'Clock  I was going to relax, watch Shark Tank, and play with IPAD.  Then I fell asleep.

That was a great plan.  The problem?  That sleep became a nap and by 10:30 I was awake and ready to start the day.

You know what?  It was a pretty good day.  Fridays, at least every other one-are going to be okay.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Commoner's Throw Back Thursday

This was fun last time! I'm doing it again!!

Spring 2014-San Francisco Rock and Roll Half Marathon  FUN FUN FUN
AT&T Park 2010  Hit some home runs already!
Beautiful Bella
Crazy fun trip to New York with Lori and Kristen.  Bring on the PIZZAAAAA
Me and My cousin Pat when we were little!
The Family at Danny's Graduation!!
Uncle Rocky back in the day!
My feet which carry me a gajillion running miles!!
This is Rob from I don't know when!  But he had a victory of some sort!

Family Portrait Time!

Throw Back Thursday!!