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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Commoners Vacation

My favorite word-VACATION!!!!
I'm taking my vacation in beautiful Hollister.

There will be running
I won't be running on this beach in Newport-it will be the pavement of Hollister.

I'll be going for a spa treatment.  I'm not even kidding.  I am!
I hope this spa has relaxing stain glass windows.

My vacation also includes a conference call with the professor in charge of my masters project.  She told me to have 30 interview questions ready by Tuesday.  30 is so that she can tell me to change 25 of them.  That's the highlight of the day.  
If I can run a marathon I can tackle that chore.

I also have an overnight shopping trip to San Francisco with Meghan because I love all of those things!

So that's my week.  Happy Tax Day , Happy Holy Thursday and Good Friday, Happy work on your paper week, and don't forget to remember those from Boston.

Video of the Day-if this doesn't inspire you nothing will

Picture of the day

Tilt your head.  Marathons and marathoners are awesome (If i do say so myself)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Commoner and the Recovery Again

So after a long long day and a day in which I probably should have run for my mental healthy I was back on my feet.
I got home at five.  I was tired I was hot I was tired.  (oops) but i put on my running clothes and my dying batteried Garmin and went on my way.

It wasn't a good run.  I walked a lot.  But that's okay-I'm old it takes a lot of time to get back to normal after an event and a hellish week.
It was good to sweat and be outside.  Running is the best.

Song of the day.

We were singing tunes from Les Mis in the office for some reason.  And this one is because we have ONE DAY MORE!!!! Before vacation.

Picture of the day

What a week!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Commoner and Recovery

2 more days until vacation.  So I have not been running I've been recovering from my awesome half marathon.  I need to take care of myself between now and the end of June when Marathon Training begins.  That's right Marathon Training is now a proper noun.

So it's two days from vacation and it's been a rough week or so -aside from the running of that gorgeous race.  

So here are some pictures that make me happy and will get us through to the long awaited vacation

Song of the Day

Billy Joel-it's a New York kind of day

And it's a two Fer

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Commoner and the Hills

New York may be home and it goes without saying -probably the most amazing place in the world.  But...when it comes to beautiful cities San Francisco wins.  It's the most beautiful city I've been to.  I love it.  This race was going to take me over the Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise what could be better?

I waited for a long time for this race.  And for the first time ever I wasn't the least bit worried about the actual 13.1 miles I was worried about running across the bridge.  Plus it was a tough week-it was nice to go for a long run through a city with 11000 running partners.

Let me tell you the race was so hard with so many San Francisco hills that by the time I was on the bridge I was hoping it would fall down because I was so tired.

I did more walking this race than ever before because I refuse to run up those steep hills.  You don't go very fast anyway and it's exhausting and it kills your hip or my hip anyway.  So you may as well walk the steep parts.

 The only time I ever walk in a race is through the feed stations.  This race I felt like I was walking all the time.  But I wasn't.  I ran great.

My goal was to run 11 minute miles.  I ran 11:11.  Then my goal was to beat the 2 hour 30 minute pace keeper.  I did that.  I did awesome.  I didn't even know what 11 minute miles meant for a finish time.  When I saw the 2:15 pacer I asked how many minutes/mile is that -she said 10:30.  That's too fast for today.  There are no PRs on this course.

I didn't take any pictures even though every one did and really ?  you have to It's Friggin san Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge .

I stole other people's pictures and here they are -pictures from the race as seen by anyone who uses a hash tag.

As for the race.  I felt really good.  I was worried about so many hills in the first 4 miles.  But when the bridge came it was wonderful.  It was crowded and I tried not to fall but I looked up in awe that I had conquered my bridge fear.  That bridge is beautiful.

Mile 8 saw me really tired and a little dehydrated but a water stop really helped and by mile 10 I felt great with mile 12-13 finding me with the fastest mile of the day actually racing for the finish instead of the usual I'm just glad I made it.

Highlight of the day?  The race and a Wrestlemania BarBque where I didn't have to cook or shop for the food and got to hang out with my boys and Amanda.

The picture of the day?
I keep editing this but it doesn't stay edited.  Tilt your head!

The Rock and Roll Half Marathon had hardly any bands.  But this band did perform.  They have a hit.  So they are song of the day.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Commoner and the Bridges

I can't wait!  Tomorrow I get to go to San Francisco, go to the expo with all the great running things to buy-hang out in the city and then I get to race on Sunday-13.1 miles.
I have some phobias.  One of them is bridges and another is earthquakes. So if those two should collide I have a problem.  But I thought it was awesome that I would face my fear by running across the bridge in a half marathon.
I will take a picture on the bridge running over-I swear.

But I did not realize that I  would have to run over the bridge both ways.  I'm not sure how I thought I was getting back to San Francisco but I didn't think I would run the bridge twice.  So now I'm a little scared.

But I think this is going to be a great race.  Training went well-although I cut a few runs so that's bad.  But I'm healthy and I love running San Francisco any time I can.

After this race I have 2 and a half months before marathon training starts.  I'll run but not too much, work on my strength training.  Get ready for the next big thing at work.  Get through this second semester of my masters.  Get my body strong and healthy before I undertake the monster of marathon training.  I'm ready this time.  I know how to do it. Bring it marathon.
I'm a little scared actually.  I'm scared of this bridge

Picture of the Day:  
This is near my house.

Song of the Day:
Get Lucky-Pharell is having a moment.  Plus I love the guys and Nile Rodgers (2 degrees of separation) but mostly this song is so fun to run to and dance to 

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Commoner and The Taper

My favorite part of Marathon or Half Marathon training is definitely the beginning with the super low mileage and all the promise of a task ahead. The taper is the reward for all the hard work and the celebration that will be your race.
Last night the Commoners called and said let's go to Maggianos we'll have a 9:15PM reservation.  We vowed on just appetizers and salad because we never really eat the main course anyway.  We usually send that home to Beth's Family.

It was raining, it was late, I couldn't even find Kristen's house because they changed the road but not really.  Stopped at the Gap to pick up Rosa because she gets her haircut in the work room there, bought some pants, and went on our way.
So we had drinks at the bar and we watched people get kicked out and then argue the fact that they were kicked out for a really long time with a very patient manager.  It was mildly entertaining.

Then we got to our table and we had this little tiny waitress who forgot things and never left.  She literally would stand there not saying anything but making faces.  I was mildly annoyed by this.
Having only apps was genius.  Talkity waitress told us we should have Boston Cream Pie instead of cheese cake.  I like the cheesecake better. 

I finally got home at midnight.  This day did not hold a run because it was raining so badly.  It's okay to have a missed run sometimes.  I don't feel bad about it.

Despite of getting to sleep at midnight.  I had a pretty good six mile run today.

Highlight of Saturday?  Fried zucchini. My new favorite

Random photo of the day-Snow on the way to Reno-because I hear some of you are having snow.

Song of the Day

Encore by Jay Z and Lincoln Park.  

I just love it-especially where they go Hova over and over

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Commoner's Late Night Run

I didn't get out for my run until 6PM.  On top of that I didn't get home from the board meeting until 10PM last night.  So the last thing I wanted to do was go for a run.
But Danny always convinces me that I should go.  So I made a deal with myself. I could run as slow as I wanted but I couldn't walk and I didn't have to do intervals when I slowed down.  That's when I do intervals when I start slugging.
This baby could have outrun me.  But it didn't really matter because  I did it.  I ran .  Even though I was tired and it was late and cold and windy.  I did it.  Oh and it was only three miles because on days when i have other things to do I have to shorten my runs.  That's okay because you do what you have to do.
Speaking of marathons.  For the third year in a row my city.  My hometown city-New York has rejected me from their marathon.  I don't know why I do it but I always enter and I always get rejected. Blast you New York why do you always reject me.
At least once there was a Bicycle Marathon.  I think I wasn't even racing then so maybe someone gave it to me.

What ever.  I have DC.  I'll run there.  Phooey NY 

Anyway.  The highlight of the day was NOT Making it in to the marathon because I already have a marathon this year.

Here's the song of the day for you.

Graceland from the Central Park Concert by Paul Simon.  Why Graceland?  I really want to go there. And Central Park in honor of my rejection.
Random Photo of the Day.  My mother made these for my shower.  She was very talented and artistic.  I am not.