Monday, March 30, 2015

The Streets of San Francisco

I was looking for pictures for today's blog and I found this video.  It's super cute.

Anyway!  This race is no joke and out of all the many races we do in San Francisco this one more than the rest embraces the hills.  Meaning HILLS tons of them-all Kinds of them.

13 thoughts for 13 miles
1-Most races start in the city and end in the park.  This one starts at the beach and ends in the city.

2-It starts out way early-like 6:30 and it's 20 degrees colder here than it was when we left the hotel.

3-I actually ended up wearing a short sleeve shirt and since I didn't pack one I wore the race T-which is breaking protocol for me.  But was a good investment

4-Our hotel overlooked a rooftop fitness center.  All the men decided to lay in the sun and stretch.  They didn't know I could see them so I felt like immortalizing what they looked like.  Notice there were no women stupid enough to do this.

5.  You start off so wonderfully and then about a block in you make a right hand turn and it's the streets of san francisco without the benefit of a trolley car.

6.  At every Rock and Roll Marathon there is a barefoot Elvis running.  I'm not even kidding.

7-They really have good bands at these things.  One time it was Matt Nathanson -one time it was the guys who do that song about a sweater and no not wheezer.  These guys are American Authors.  They sing Best Day of My Life.  I used to run to this song but then I wasn't having best days and i was annoyed.  This band was really good though.

8-The Bridge.  When you are running up the Presidio and you are so tired you think you are going to jump off the bridge-you see glimpses of that thing and you are charged up.  It's the FRIGGIN GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!!

9-So I read three running blogs religiously.  Pavement Runner is one of them and he was at the race.  I was too star struck to talk to him but still-there he was-I knew it was him because he always posts his gear and he wore striped socks.

10-The weather was beautiful.  It was a beautiful glorious perfect day.

11-I didn't know how I would do.  My weekday runs are horrible.  I wish I had real housewife running time like some people do but I don't.  My weekend runs have been great.  I matched last year's time exactly

12-Because I upped my mileage to five miles a day I was feeling really strong.  For the second race in a row I was able to sprint to the finish rather than crawl.  That's such a great feeling

13-At the end Rob actually was waiting where he was supposed to. We had a stranger take a picture.

I love you San Francisco

It was The Best Day of My Life.  

Not even but it was a lot of fun

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Commoner's Common Days

I've gone missing.  I've gone missing because I'm about six weeks away from graduation and these are my days.

  • wake up
  • check email
  • have breakfast while binge watching Parenthood
  • Get dressed 
  • go to work
  • work
  • run
  • eat dinner
  • do homework
  • feed the dogs and binge watch parenthood
  • start the wind down process
  • go to sleep
That's it.  I've set aside March and April for my friends stress and nervous breakdown.  Not much to write home about.

I have a half marathon this weekend.

I ran in 90 degree heat today.  Which was supposed to be an easy make a deal with yourself run 3 miles however you want and then walk 2.

But I couldn't walk the two because I passed these two women and I didn't want them to catch me so I ran 5 with a short walk break at 3.

When it's hot and you run-you hallucinate and think a blowing leaf is a mouse.

You scream.

I'm dropping a picture in here because geesh you need to see a picture.

CELEBRATE I'm almost done with school

This is my grandfather binge watching Parenthood on our first color TV
Random picture of my mother and grandmother-

Praise Jesus it's almost baseball season