Friday, May 31, 2013

The Commoner Finishes the Challenge

Final challenge-a vivid memory.  I defer to my earliest memory-a three year old lost in Queens.

My aunts lived on Ditmars Blvd. in Jackson Heights.  For my Russian readers -I'll give you some perspective.  This is the neighborhood in Queens by Laguardia Airport, Shea Stadium, and the World's Fair.

 My aunts lived next to eachother and next to them was Anna's Little Store.  I loved Anna's little store and it's there where I was headed when I somehow ended up across the street.  Across Ditmars Blvd.  6 Lane thoroughfare. 

I can't remember of course how long I was gone but I remember this.  Children playing in a yard , riding in the back seat of a white car with red patent leather seats, and finally riding in a cop car.

Legend has it I stopped to play with the kids in the yard  the very responsible family realized I didn't belong there and called the police.  

I'm not sure what the white car red seats were about.  I think it was the family that found me.  Somehow the cops figured out where I belonged and I was returned to the Sunday family dinner.  I remember the cops driving me-maybe they had the red seats. 

Others may have different views of this story but this is my memory and the fact that I negotiated my way around Queens and wound up safely home rather than as the wife of a serial killer -is a miracle.

That is the commoner's most vivid and early memory.  

What's yours?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Commoner Let's Go

Can you believe I am almost finished this May challenge?  I did it!  Yeah me! Yeah you for reading!  Today I'm writing about Letting Go.

What does letting go mean to me?  It means not taking challenges for my blog that are dumb.

That's just dumb-what does letting go mean to me.

I'm letting go of writing that on my blog.

On that note -the third grade took their class to a very famous water museum on the central coast.  This said anonymous museum was so petty with the count of passes, adults, and money of students coming in that I wanted to start giving chaperone badges to people on the street.  Like the homeless. 

Ridiculous.  Trust the teachers when we give you money and numbers of people with free passes.   No one wants to scam you and go to your water museum with 150 8 year olds-just for a good time.

I'm letting go of the resentment about said water museum now.  I'm over it.

I will say when we go to the Tech Museum-you know the computer museum?  They never do that.  They welcome you with open arms.

I'm letting go now-goodnight.

PS-the most disjointed blog entry ever.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Commoner's Most Important Songs

I don't really have favorite songs-I love a song and listen over and over again until I hate it.  But I'll try to pick 5 'special songs' with links to the videos.  That's today's challenge.

Nothing says home on Long Island like Billy Joel-after all Fellow Trinity Alumni -he's a Hicksville guy and we all knew 'The Green' was close to home.  But this song brings me back on days (all of them) when I'm particularly home sick or generally annoyed with California.  Sums it up.

Leaving on a Jet Plane was my first favorite song and I actually owned it as a 45.  Yes I'm that old. 
I was one of those original U2 fans.  Way back in the day when they played small bars.  This was there first big song.  Who can forget Bono with the flag draped around him in concert.  I still love this song and I still love them.  (and stalk them unsuccessfully whenever I'm in Dublin).
Heart of the City by Jay Z.  I've told you this is my running anthem for no real reason.  I just love it.  You know the rule I have to sing the chorus out loud -whenever it comes on.  I did this too in Bay to Breakers-Sang it aloud and I didn't care who was there to hear it.  I'll be listening to him non stop over the next 18 weeks.  -Take it to church!
Just Give Me  A Reason-Pink featuring the guy from Fun.  I love Pink-I love the guy from F.U.N.  and ALL their songs and mostly  -for no particular reason, this song is my current ear worm.  Stuck in my head ALL the time.  It's a good thing I like it.

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Commoner Writes A Letter

Today's challenge-write a letter to my readers.

Okay here it goes.

Dear Readers,

I thank you very much for reading my blog.  To my readers at Current TV, and the people from Facebook, Google, and Hungry Runner Girl.  It means a lot to me.

To my readers from China, Russia, Germany, Asia, Argentina, England and of course the Americans.  Hope I give you some laughs.

So on behalf of the most famous commoner ever?  Thanks
 The Commoner,

By The Way  June's theme will be roots.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

What the Commoner is Reading On Line

Today's challenge is to discuss something I'm reading on the internet.  So I looked at one of the many open tabs that I have going.  The only actual article as opposed to shopping website is on this website which I will link you to.

I will soon begin training for the Chicago Marathon.  Training begins on June 5th.  So you will probably be hearing a little bit about this as it will consume my world in the months to come.  

I'm sorry I will become one of 'those' people.

My biggest struggle believe it or not is what to eat.  Not during a race but during training.

My terrible eating habits have been well documented on this blog.  My love of donuts, pizza, and candy.  But I know that if I'm going to have the energy to carry out this crazy training schedule I'm going to need to eat better.

Things like vegetables and fruit.  Things like NOT candy or McDonalds.  

So that's what I've been reading on the internet.  Enjoy.  And wish me luck

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Things People Tell the Commoner

Being a transplanted New Yorker living in California as a school teacher in a small town no-less means people don't even know what to make of me.  Almost all the time.
 If you've ever watched Curb Your Enthusiasm?  Things that happen to Larry David pretty much happen to me.  It's like I'm living a Seinfeld episode but I'm the only one.

I thought I was just being my normal self except that people thought I was funny.  You're really funny people would say.  To which I would reply

 The looks on people's faces is really something when I say this.  That in itself is funny.  Because I would recite the whole scene.

Someone I work with has a lot of time on their hands and is organizing a lunch time open mike.  She said, "You're pretty funny do you want to perform?"  I told her none of my material was suitable for children.

Funny how like I amuse you?


Friday, May 24, 2013

The Commoner's Worse Traits

I have to talk about my 3 worst traits.  Only 3?  Easy.

First of all I'm super competitive.  Not keeping up with the Jones competitive,  but regular competitive.  Mostly with myself.  So if I could beat you at a game, or at a contest or anything within my realistic power-I'm going to work at doing it.  That's a pretty annoying trait you know.  It gets me tired.

 My second bad trait is sarcasm.  I'm pretty relentless too.  I'm also quick minded that way.  So the sarcasm comes fast and you probably can't help but laugh at it.  I'm sarcastic with myself too.  I also won't mind your sarcasm  bring it!  In fact when I'm not being sarcastic people often think I'm mad at them.

My third worst trait?  I hate to talk on the phone.  Ask anyone.  Hate it.  That's a bad trait. I love text, email, facebook, old fashioned letters, face time, anything but the actual talk on the phone thing.  I'll meet you for coffee and have a conversation but I hate the phone.  

It takes a lot of time, I tend to not pay attention (sorry-I'm probably watching Housewives while you're talking) I get the spacing wrong, so there will be dead air and then I'll start to talk when you do.  

Hate it.

My three worst traits.  I could keep going.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Commoner Tells You Things You Don't Learn In School

Today's challenge is to write about something I've learned that they don't teach you in school. 

This pretty much sums it up.

Enough said.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Commoner Rants and Raves

Today my job is to rant and rave.  Are they kidding?  Have you met me? That's all I do is rant and rave. 

So I'm ranting about computer passwords.  

 Why does the criteria change every single time you use it on every single site.  You are then forced to remember combinations of capital letters, numbers, characters,  and spaces.

I want to pull my hair out and every single time I try to make a payment or buy something I have to remember my user name and  password.  Half the time I'm locked out after trying and then end up going through the entire process of having my password resent or setting a new one.
But wait!  You can always answer a security question.  And then I have to think about this.....Did I capitalize my mother's maiden name?  Did I leave a space between New York as my birth city?  Which number do I remember from my youth for my phone?  Upstairs or downstairs? (Yes we had two-long story)

So then I will decide forget it I'll open a new account-which goes great until they say-someone with that email or user name is already registered.  THAT'S ME I yell.  

So at that point I need to make a new E-Mail address.

So there's my rant and rave. The password system on the internet is out of control.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Commoner's Favorite Commoner Blog Posts

Today I need to give you links to 5 of my favorite posts. However I'm picking your favorite posts because after all you are reading this.  You might have forgotten about some of these classics.

So here it goes

You loved hearing about our flight to Ireland.  Crying babies and rugby teams!

Your second favorite post was very controversial.  So maybe it wasn't your favorite per say but you read it a lot.  As the displaced New Yorker I insulted many a native Hollisterite when I wrote about the county fair.  There were no pictures on this blog-and sorry-but I tell it how I see it.

The Commoner goes to the fair.

Number 3 comes from my last trip to NY and a trip to Nike Town to look at the Nike Fuel Band.  I've since purchased one but still can't answer the question-what do fuel points have to do with calories?

I've made no secret of my love for QVC.  One of my favorite products are Wenn's hair care products and Chaz Dean makes this product.  I love the product and I love the spirit of this man.

And in 5th place was my trip to NY which really was a trip to nowhere.  It was horrible.  I haven't been back since.  I'm traumatized.  But no worries our trip to Seattle this summer is paid in part by the settlement Southwest gave me due to this very blog.

And there you have it....hope you relive some laughs.  I always bring laughs.  

Tomorrow I get to rant about something. I pretty much do that every day.  I can't wait.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Commoner's Struggles

I'm back to the blog challenge.  I confess -I missed Saturday.  I was dealing with the shoes.  I'm pretty sure I can tell Saturday's story another one of the days.

Today they want to know about something I'm struggling with.  
 What am I struggling with?  I'll tell you what I'm struggling with.  Getting through the last three weeks of school.

The last weeks of school are very hard for me because they are unstructured.  Everyone's tired and wants to be done.  You've given every ounce you can to get them ready for the next year but we all know it-we're done.  After all the tests are over.  

Please don't get me wrong.  I love teaching, I love my class.  But there's something about the promise of summer-endless days of freedom and mostly TIME.

We will have Olympic Day, Talent Show Day, Field Trip Day.  Some kids are ready to be finished with you, some are not ready to let you go.  Both offer difficult situations. 

We know it's here-we can smell it-we're just about done.  There's still so much to do.  Things left to teach, projects to finish, rooms to clean, cums to do, report cards to finish, gifts to prepare, it's all too much.

So I'm struggling to get to the the end of the year.

Face it-you are too.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Commoners Favorite Road Race

I have to take a day off from my blogging assignment because I have to tell you about my experience at Bay to Breakers.  

This is absolutely my favorite race of the year.  I love it for so many reasons.  I love it because there are thousands of people in costumes who you can beat.  I love it because the weather is always pristine.  I love the energy of the crowd and I love it mostly for the scenic views of San Francisco that you get to see on foot.  That's right-look up.

I don't even mind the naked guys.

This is the only race that I've raced every year since I began racing-so it's a good barometer on my progress and it's a lot of fun.  You will never finish last here. 

We stay by the airport the night before, drive in, grab a free parking spot at the start and throw some tortillas.  So fun.

I lay out my clothes the night before because you still have to get up at 4:30 when I notice.  No shoes in the suitcase.

That's right no shoes.

I'm fussy about my shoes. I basically run on pillows.  Nike Air Mottos that you can only buy at the outlets when they occasionally have them.  I change them every 300 miles like clock work always with the same brand. 

It's 7:39 exactly and I have 3 choices.  Go home (3 hours round trip), go to Sports Authority, or use Rob's worn out Asics which he recently retired because they caused pain to his sciatica after about 900 miles, or not run.

We high tale it to Sports Authority.  I had consulted with Nike over the phone.  They told me ask for Pegasus, but don't use Frees because they will hurt my legs.

Get the car out of Valet Parking.  Drive to SA.  ask for Pegasus.  Oh no the hipster dude says, we don't carry those, most women really like minimal shoes.

I'm like 'dude' I'm almost 50 I like to run on pillows.  

I was tempted to buy a pair of Asics, as I've been studying those but there was a no return policy if you wore the shoes.

Okay I'll wear Rob's shoes.  Got to the race.  Loved the fact that there were a ton of security a police everywhere, who were really doing their jobs.  Got to the A corral.  Tied the big worn out shoes really tight.  I'm ready to go.

Well I made do.  There were times when my shins and knees started to hurt and I had to stop and stretch.  This definitely took off some time. But... I beat my prior years time.  That's good.  Nothing really hurt in fact there were times when I felt like I was flying-and it had nothing to do with people smoking in Golden Gate Park.

I Will NEVER forget my shoes again.  And I'll probably buy my own proper fitting cushior pair of Asics.  And I still love Bay to Breakers-if you pick up your head, you'll smile a lot.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Commoners Favorite Picture

Today's task -pick a favorite picture of myself and say why.

This is a picture of myself and my kids.  They were really little here, but not too little.  This age was the most fun of all.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Commoner's Lot in Life

Today's task is to talk about my lot in life and how I work to overcome it.  I think I have a lot of lots in life.  That's why I'm a Commoner and not a princess.
So I'm forced to deal with a lot in life.  I mean my lot in life.  I'm sure we all deal with a lot in life, even Kate.  

So here's my Lot in life that I deal with mostly because I don't consider anything in my life really a burden, I'm blessed that way.  Or too tired to really think about it.  You know from working, going to meetings, running, making dinner, doing laundry and working.
(this is not me but some other tired commoner)

But my lot in life is this.  I am terrible at parking my car.  I often get notes from people about it.  They comment on how I should take lessons to do this better. 

Don't laugh about this.  This is a problem.  I need a lot of space on all sides.  I often have to park far away to find enough room to pick a space I'm comfortable with.

I don't take this personally or even get angry.  I admit it.  I suck at parking and that is my lot in life that I am trying to deal with. I can't park in a parking lot.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Day in the Life of A Commoner

Today the task of the blog challengers apparently was to bore you to death.  BTW  (that means by the way)  you guys weren't that thrilled with happy commoner.  Maybe boring commoner will be more your speed.

This was supposed to be a photo essay and I did take pictures but left my camera at work.  Staying true to my assignment I'll find suitable substitutes from my favorite Google Images.

5:00  Wake up and have breakfast.  I always watch Boomer and Carton and eat Eggos.  They are so funny-catch up on NY sports have a laugh and get ready for work.

6:00  Same
7:00 Tend to the dogs and leave for work.

8:00  Get to work and get ready to take on the day.  It takes me a long time just to unpack my bags and make coffee in my new Keurig.

9:00 Teach Math
10:00 Recess
11:00 Lunch at Togos with yummy Tuna Sandwich.  Can't stop eating
12:00  Okay now this gets good.  This is a commoner story.

My class had permission slips, comforting chaperones, and were all ready to watch The Witches -this went along with our author study.

I have the movie on Amazon Instant Watch on Ipad and know that it works.  Only it doesn't work on the projector.

Sadness.  I will defeat this.  I try my Iphone.  Download the app pull up the movie, start watching it on my phone.  Hook up the computer (the kids are waiting and reading)  I'm not authorized to project this movie. Really?  Sadness

Pay TEN Dollars to down load it on Itunes.  We go to Computers, we go to PE we go to Recess, I go to my room and try to watch the movie on the projector.  PROHIBITED.  Sadness.  Do an art lesson -cute cartoon fish make everything better-(had to use IPhone for this to bypass the block on the art website I use).  Order a DVD and the kids are awesome.  

4 O'Clock host a HESTA meeting in my classroom.
6:00 Go home -decide the meet I defrosted smelled gross and made bacon and eggs.
Did laundry.
Watched American Idol (I don't care who wins)

I'm sorry are you awake yet?   This is really boring.  The pictures may have made it better.  Maybe tomorrow I'll post some.

That's it-that's a day in the life.  That's why I'm a commoner.  This is the boring that I told you about.  Embrace it.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Commoner is Very Happy

This blog challenge is really funny.  10 things that make me really happy.  Not 5, Not 3, Not 1  TEN!!! That's a lot of happiness.  Have you met me?  

With 10 things of happiness I have no time to waste.  Let's get right to the results said Ryan.  In no particular order-10 things that make me happy.

1.  My family-

2.  The UPS Truck-he brings me presents all the time.  (Benjie thinks he lives here) Plus I buy the presents myself but when he drives up the block I'm all happy.
3.  My friends that are my friends not matter how bitchy I can get make me happy because I know they have my back
4.  My cousins make me happy.  I don't have any siblings so they help fill in!

5.  New York, San Francisco, and Dublin because I consider them all home with many people I love there.

6 My dogs, enough said

7.  Cities- because I'm so comfortable there.  Any city.  You name it.  Instantly I know where to go and how to act.  I love them. (See above pictures).  We have a list of cities we are going to visit.  We start in Seattle in June-followed by Chicago in October.

8.  Running.  I absolutely love it.  I don't even know how to explain it but I do.
(I don't have any pictures of me running-this is Rob)

9.  My class.  Because when it's just us every day -doing the work that everything else is for-they make it all worth while.

10.  TV.  When you live only with adults TV becomes a really good friend, wether it's The Brady Bunch, Seinfeld, Real Housewives or The Voice.  TV makes me happy.
Tomorrow it's a picture an hour.  I'm pretty sure no words. Maybe captions!