Friday, May 3, 2013

The Commoner is Uncomfortable

Today's challenge is to write about what makes you uncomfortable.  That's a tough one because I've long since over come most things that make me uncomfortable.

I looked at what other bloggers said made them uncomfortable.  Someone said they were uncomfortable in other people's houses.

I'm an only child.  I used to stay at my cousin's house all the time so I would have something to do mostly.  They had a great house-with a big pool and other kids.  The only thing was they slept late and just like now I'm up at 7.  5 hours of laying in the dark made me feel uncomfortable because I would not go rummaging in other people's kitchens.

Now that I'm older and there are IPads and I live far away from my family.  Staying at other people's houses is a necessity.   I REFUSE to stay in a hotel when visiting family.

I used to be uncomfortable in public speaking situations.  In High School I would worry for weeks before making a speech for class.
My days of presenting reports to the California Amateur Hockey Association cured me of that.  Now I actually like it.  Weird huh.

Being a grown up has helped me conquer many uncomfortable situations.  You have to do what you have to do.  So that left me with a problem.

So I turned to the word uncomfortable.  What makes me really uncomfortable?

Pants that are too tight make me uncomfortable. NOT YOURS-mine!  When pants are uncomfortable and bind and cut and keep you from sitting, breathing, or eating?  That's terrible and THAT's what makes me uncomfortable.