Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Commoner Sells Herself

Isn't that funny?  That title is funny.  I saw it and thought exactly what you are thinking right now.  
But I'm sure my wholesome bloggers didn't mean this.  They specified 10 WORDS!

I was never supposed to be a teacher.  I have a business degree, I'm supposed to be working in Manhattan for a corporation making oodles of money.  Buckets of it.
A few years ago I tried really hard to change careers.  No luck. Even with my experiences running Youth Hockey.  Nothing.  While explaining to a friend that I was considering going back for a Masters he suggested I become an industrial sales person. He said I could make buckets of money.
I thought that was funny.  What do I know about industrial pumps?  But here goes in 10 words I'm selling my soul I mean self to corporate America

The Commoner is smart, funny, ambitious, strangely addicted to meetings, determined.

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