Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Commoner's Lot in Life

Today's task is to talk about my lot in life and how I work to overcome it.  I think I have a lot of lots in life.  That's why I'm a Commoner and not a princess.
So I'm forced to deal with a lot in life.  I mean my lot in life.  I'm sure we all deal with a lot in life, even Kate.  

So here's my Lot in life that I deal with mostly because I don't consider anything in my life really a burden, I'm blessed that way.  Or too tired to really think about it.  You know from working, going to meetings, running, making dinner, doing laundry and working.
(this is not me but some other tired commoner)

But my lot in life is this.  I am terrible at parking my car.  I often get notes from people about it.  They comment on how I should take lessons to do this better. 

Don't laugh about this.  This is a problem.  I need a lot of space on all sides.  I often have to park far away to find enough room to pick a space I'm comfortable with.

I don't take this personally or even get angry.  I admit it.  I suck at parking and that is my lot in life that I am trying to deal with. I can't park in a parking lot.