Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Commoner Let's Go

Can you believe I am almost finished this May challenge?  I did it!  Yeah me! Yeah you for reading!  Today I'm writing about Letting Go.

What does letting go mean to me?  It means not taking challenges for my blog that are dumb.

That's just dumb-what does letting go mean to me.

I'm letting go of writing that on my blog.

On that note -the third grade took their class to a very famous water museum on the central coast.  This said anonymous museum was so petty with the count of passes, adults, and money of students coming in that I wanted to start giving chaperone badges to people on the street.  Like the homeless. 

Ridiculous.  Trust the teachers when we give you money and numbers of people with free passes.   No one wants to scam you and go to your water museum with 150 8 year olds-just for a good time.

I'm letting go of the resentment about said water museum now.  I'm over it.

I will say when we go to the Tech Museum-you know the computer museum?  They never do that.  They welcome you with open arms.

I'm letting go now-goodnight.

PS-the most disjointed blog entry ever.