Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Moment of the Commoner's Day

Today's task was to take a picture about something from my day.  A moment in my day.   It's too bad I almost forgot about it.   It's also too bad that my IPhone is so full -that in order to take pictures I have to delete pictures.  So I hardly take them!

Since my hobby is going to meetings I was really busy today.  I had planned to take a picture at work, or of my tuna sandwich at lunch, or when I went to the meeting to see about getting my masters.  But I never even remembered.

I came home from work and tried to procrastinate my run-(did you see my schedule? I'm tired)  I checked my email and my blog stats (79 hits! You guys LOVE serious commoner) and it hit me-CRAP I forgot my day's moment.
So I looked down at my feet and my fancy legs ( I have fancy muscle legs you know) and took a picture of this.

These are my legs and feet,  they had been used and abused all day and were about to be asked to take a 3 mile run.  They actually did great.  I thank them every day.

That's it.  A moment from my day.