Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Commoner's Most Important Songs

I don't really have favorite songs-I love a song and listen over and over again until I hate it.  But I'll try to pick 5 'special songs' with links to the videos.  That's today's challenge.

Nothing says home on Long Island like Billy Joel-after all Fellow Trinity Alumni -he's a Hicksville guy and we all knew 'The Green' was close to home.  But this song brings me back on days (all of them) when I'm particularly home sick or generally annoyed with California.  Sums it up.

Leaving on a Jet Plane was my first favorite song and I actually owned it as a 45.  Yes I'm that old. 
I was one of those original U2 fans.  Way back in the day when they played small bars.  This was there first big song.  Who can forget Bono with the flag draped around him in concert.  I still love this song and I still love them.  (and stalk them unsuccessfully whenever I'm in Dublin).
Heart of the City by Jay Z.  I've told you this is my running anthem for no real reason.  I just love it.  You know the rule I have to sing the chorus out loud -whenever it comes on.  I did this too in Bay to Breakers-Sang it aloud and I didn't care who was there to hear it.  I'll be listening to him non stop over the next 18 weeks.  -Take it to church!
Just Give Me  A Reason-Pink featuring the guy from Fun.  I love Pink-I love the guy from F.U.N.  and ALL their songs and mostly  -for no particular reason, this song is my current ear worm.  Stuck in my head ALL the time.  It's a good thing I like it.