Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Commoner and the Water front

My last picture was an actual beach.  But really?  I'm  not really a beach girl.  I'm more of a city girl.  This is the pier by  The Embarcadero on a cold spring day before running Bay to Breakers.

It was cold, grey , desolate, and dirty but it's San Francisco and I LOVE it.  There is the Bay Bridge-yes the one that fell down.

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Commoner Goes to the Beach

Every couple of years we go to Avila Beach over the Christmas break.  We actually seem to go to Dublin or Avila Beach.  It is near San Luis Obispo which means great restaurants.  But here it is beautiful and sunny and warm in December.

We walked this really long pier which scared me a little because i was afraid if we had an earthquake it would collapse.

Of course we ran here, through the mountains and to the water.  I'm lucky to live in California and have these beautiful cliffs overlooking the stunning ocean.

If you are wondering why I'm doing this.  My new job brings a different level of socialization on a daily basis.  As such? Not much to say.  I'm going to go through some pictures and I'm starting with the Water theme.