Wednesday, May 28, 2014

99 Problems but my Aasics ain't one

Ugh will this school year end already?  Those 5 extra days-I'm regretting them now!

-maybe these guys are hiring!  

But in spite of a week which had me asking-
"What would Tony do?"  (We all know that answer and while a good idea - it's just wasn't going to work for me).

Something fabulous was waiting at my door Tuesday.

Aasics is officially the best company in the world.  Remember when this happened to my shoe?
Well I emailed Aasics and they were all over that with great customer service.  We mailed them back and they made good. Sending me a replacement pair.  So now I am good for shoes probably through the marathon.  (Is it weird I can't wait for marathon training?)

So when running has been my favorite thing and the one constant during this crazy year-it was only fitting that running produced some happiness during a pretty dismal week.

So Aasics!  You are the best thing ever and everyone should buy their products.....GO GO NOW!!

Song of the day?  Carry on by Fun

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Commoner's Favorite Character

Tonight I was watching Mad Men and the immoral Don Draper.  Don's a player, liar, cheater, and advertising genius.  It's been a really hard year at work and as I watched Don Draper hand the account presentation to his protege it dawned on me.

I need Don Draper to be my mentor.

Peggy Olson.  Don Draper has taken her under his wing as a protoge.  He has complete confidence in her ability.  Plus he's a genius.  Oh yeah and look at him

Plus he served in a war.  Not really sure what war but he did.  Plus then he stole his friends identity when his friend died.  Talk about a self made man!

So Don Draper-Boss, Mentor, Genius, Scoundrel, Drinker, Smoker, Cheater, Veteran.

Song of the Day-in honor of Don Draper

I'm the Man by my current favorite Aloe Blac

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Commoner's Songs of the Day

Dirt off Your Shoulder -Jay Z

Pompeii-by I don't Know
Some Nights-Fun
Ridiculous-Not the title but my favorite line-Kanye 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Commoner and the Naked Guy

Seriously It's Bay to Breakers what else can I say?  You can feel like you made it when you are able to stay at the Host hotel and can walk to the start five minutes before it was time to be there.

It's fuzzy for some reason I don't know.

This year I remembered my shoes but forgot my iPhone holder.  That was easy to fix.  With a little help from Walgreens.  Here are some highlights of the day.

Runners and walkers everywhere

Waiting at the start while they fixed the banner which caused the delay.

The shirt and the medal

This is the run that you smile the whole time.   The crowds, the city, the costumes, the naked guys, the scenery, even the hill.  It's the best.

I actually had a naked guy run the race near me the whole time.  It was some what unsettling and I did have to look to see what exactly happens when you run 7.5 miles naked.  It isn't good I'll tell you that.  Plus he ran the whole way carrying a bag.  Because you can't be naked AFTER the race because yes that would be creepy.  

Any way tomorrow (or today) depending on when you read this is a huge huge day.  So this is the song of the day.

Lose Yourself by Em.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Commoner Plays Hookie

Every year I say I am going to go watch the Tour of California.  I mean why not? It's a huge bike race.  It's on TV.  I love that.  Usually I can't go because of school.  There's always something I can't miss.

Yes I was going to the Amgen Tour of America where it started in Cunningham Park.  It was so exciting to be around cycling because you know-I used to do that once upon a time.

So because it was going to be 100 degrees I ran in the morning.   The only benefit to running in the morning for me is the temperature and time management.  But there is no therapy involved in a morning run.  No stress to rid of so it's just a mechanical run.

So Danny decided to come with me and we drove to Raging Waters which is where stage 3 started.  I wanted to go to Mt. Diablo and watch them climb the mountain but the start just made more sense.  

A cycling expo is not like a running expo and nothing like anything that existed in my day of racing.  It was mostly vendors with nothing really and only a few.  There was no where to buy food or drink. not even water.  And you couldn't get near the riders.  So I parked at a great spot along the start line where this poor guy was practicing his web-cast or something.  
He had to type his own script on his IPad.

The great thing about my spot was that the riders passed by on their way to sign in and then back out.  I don't know who anyone is but I took all there pictures.  Want to see?  Kidding.  I'll show you one friendly guy.
One knight who is also a Tour De France winner, an Olympic winner and a Knight.
There were lots of riders.  I have pictures of all of them.  These guys are so thin.  Their thighs are about the size of a softball.  They are crazy fit.  And just crazy.  It was hot but they did great.  

I resisted the urge to stay home all week and follow them from race to race for my own Tour of California.  Hence I didn't.

I went to Chipotle, got a new iPhone , went to wing stop and then home to do homework.  Same thing right?

It was nice to get away from work and all the stress.  It was fun.

That's how I raced my bike.  My legs are still a little bigger than the racers legs.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Commoner's Lesson-Run When You Don't Want To

It's been my first week since I am not a part of the Teacher's Union Executive Board.  Thus I have this available time after work-no meetings!!!  Let the stressful thoughts flow!  Because with that much 'free' time I start to think think think.
It meant I actually had time to run every day.  Every day except Wednesday.  Because Wednesday I decided to join Commoner Kristen at the 'Farmer's Market'

I had been in a crappy mood all day because I don't enjoy uncertainty in my life.  So I didn't run and I stayed cranky.
That was a mistake.  Feeling the same way the next day (and the day before actually)  I ran -I ran fast!  And all my problems melted away.  So the lesson is -on the most stressful of days-you don't need a break you need to run faster!

Plus I gained 5 pounds this week.  I don't mind the neck ache, or the other side effects of stress but 5 pounds meant enough of that crap.  After all what would Jay Do?

Picture of the Day?
Happy Mother's Day!

Song of the Day
I'm songless.  Sorry

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Runner and Hell Week

I haven't written all week because it's that week of the semester when you are working your you know what (begins with an A or a B) off.  I'm sleep deprived so here are five highlights of my week.  (Notice I spelled out 5 because I've been writing a crapload of papers APA style).
What mind?

So 5 Random things...

Every day this week was over 90 degrees.  I only actually had time for 1 run this week but alas don't worry I squeezed a few extra in.  Running before work seems impossible with my new job so it always has to be after.  It's hot and I carry water and I slog-not run. But that's okay I'm burning calories and working on my tan.
It was the week in class (the one I go to not the ones I teach)  everything was due.  So that meant late nights writing papers and reading so much I couldn't see anymore.  But I survived.  Even if it meant nights up to midnight.

Many people in my class are feeling overwhelmed.  That's okay.

This is week 25 of Smarter Balanced Testing.  This is what it looks like in my testing palace.
Today wasn't a run in the heat .  A slog.  Today was a lovely run on my trail.  It may be the best run I have had in a long long time.

Seriously I was on FIRE.  I felt strong!  I was hitting a great stride! I yes I was passing people and leaving them in the dust! I was not even slowing on the upgrade at three miles to go.  I was on FIRE!!!!

Song of the Day.

I've been in a Billy Joel mood lately.  Probably because of the Billy Joel Sirius Station and the Recent town hall with Howard Stern.  This is one of my favorites..

Photo of the Day!

Out of New York that's Me!