Monday, May 26, 2014

The Commoner's Favorite Character

Tonight I was watching Mad Men and the immoral Don Draper.  Don's a player, liar, cheater, and advertising genius.  It's been a really hard year at work and as I watched Don Draper hand the account presentation to his protege it dawned on me.

I need Don Draper to be my mentor.

Peggy Olson.  Don Draper has taken her under his wing as a protoge.  He has complete confidence in her ability.  Plus he's a genius.  Oh yeah and look at him

Plus he served in a war.  Not really sure what war but he did.  Plus then he stole his friends identity when his friend died.  Talk about a self made man!

So Don Draper-Boss, Mentor, Genius, Scoundrel, Drinker, Smoker, Cheater, Veteran.

Song of the Day-in honor of Don Draper

I'm the Man by my current favorite Aloe Blac