Wednesday, May 28, 2014

99 Problems but my Aasics ain't one

Ugh will this school year end already?  Those 5 extra days-I'm regretting them now!

-maybe these guys are hiring!  

But in spite of a week which had me asking-
"What would Tony do?"  (We all know that answer and while a good idea - it's just wasn't going to work for me).

Something fabulous was waiting at my door Tuesday.

Aasics is officially the best company in the world.  Remember when this happened to my shoe?
Well I emailed Aasics and they were all over that with great customer service.  We mailed them back and they made good. Sending me a replacement pair.  So now I am good for shoes probably through the marathon.  (Is it weird I can't wait for marathon training?)

So when running has been my favorite thing and the one constant during this crazy year-it was only fitting that running produced some happiness during a pretty dismal week.

So Aasics!  You are the best thing ever and everyone should buy their products.....GO GO NOW!!

Song of the day?  Carry on by Fun