Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Commoners Run in Color

In spite of my fun boycott-which will last until June 13th.  I went with my friends to the Color Run
This is us before we became colorful.  I was really looking forward to a race where no one could look up my time on the internet.  Infact there was no Garmin, no time tracker, no iPod, nothing.  Just run for fun.  Or barely run at all.

It's okay to walk and we said we would all stick together.  I did not however, want my eyeglasses to be full of color or my shoes.  Here are some other differences

  • You can start the race whenever you want.  Really whenever you show up there's a wave for you.
  • They throw out stuff at the start.  Like frisbees, tshirts, towels, and you can carry that stuff with you because you know-you aren't really running.
  • They don't really shoot that much color at you-they are using ketchup containers.
  • No one starts out too fast.
  • You can apartment shop as you run because you know-you aren't running.
  • You don't trip on people starting their garmin 
  • You can cheat and no one even really cares.
In spite of my boycott on fun (which ends on the last day of school) I had a mildly good time.  No tech t-shirt this time.  We were supposed to stay together but Rosa got ahead.  Luckily I caught her at the end.

But no one looked better than Rosa at the end.

It was nice to be able to hang out at the after festival for awhile -because you weren't all cold and sweaty and smelly like you know-at the marathon.  

This is the after

Song of the Day.