Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Commoner's Summer 2014

2014 gets a chance to redeem itself with a top seven list of awesome things to look forward to and things to come from June 13 until August 18th.  Here is Summer 2014

Marathon Training.  It begins Tuesday -it will consume my summer and it will end in Washington DC at the Marine Corp Marathon.  Bring it!!

I'm going to New York!  I haven't been there in a few years (Remember the Southwest 'thing')?  The main goal is to get out of Hollister, tune up my New York attitude and visit relatives.  That's it-oh yeah and pizza and Dunkin!
Although I have no classes during the summer I will be spending a good part of my summer reading articles on the redesignation of english language learners.  I will also spend a good bit of time wondering why on earth I'm even doing this.
NEW ORLEANS!!!! I am going to New Orleans with Rob.  I have always wanted to go there and since it's city number 2 on our list WE ARE GOING!  I can't wait for the music, the parades, the food,  the swamp and oh yes the vodoo dolls.  I'm so glad this city is back and I get to see it.
The commoners and weekly lunches.  We will definitely have these so we can keep up with the craziness.
Rob bought me a hammock and made the whole stand thing under my lemon tree.  I have spent every day on that hammock and I usually nap there.  It's great because when the wind kicks up at 3-it's so much fun.  Even the dogs like it.  

If 2014 has been a drudge-summer promises to be absolutely fabulous.  I can't wait for the ESPN Body Issue!

Song of the day-In honor of the World Cup (another highlight of summer) and OMG USA  VD Portugal really?  

Let Me Take You to Rio