Monday, June 30, 2014

The Commoner and the drought

I am notorious for my love of sunshine and warm.  I'm so happy when it's warm and cloudy days really make me cranky-rainy days? Forget it-it's the one reason I can't move to Dublin-or Seattle.  I need the sun

That's rain from the bus in Dublin if you aren't sure.

So the other day on my run I stopped and took a picture from the road of something I had never seen before. It was the view if I ever picked up my head from DYING on my run I might have noticed how beautiful it was and I posted a picture.
I thought it was beautiful...until my cousin from back east commented about how brown everything was and that we really needed rain.   Hmm  maybe-I hadn't noticed.  After all  brown in the summer green in the winter,  That's california!

I'm the girl who hates the rain and was so happy all winter.  I never once said-"but we need the rain!"  Nope I was sunshiny happy.

But then I started marathon training on my trail.  That's right I own a trail.   It's in Morgan Hill and it's beautiful.  You can go there if you want I will let you.  I'm nice that way.  When you get to the four mile mark you cross a foot bridge over a river.  I haven't been there since March.  And although it wasn't raining it was still a river.  Yesterday it looked like this.
That picture was actually taken two weeks ago by someone else who posted it  (you have to love that you can do that huh).  But the point is that it usually will look like this.
Which isn't a lot but look at the difference.

So I'm a little worried when I look around on that trail and see that everything is so dry.  There's still the lakes and they look pretty good so I know at least the deer will have something to drink but that will cause them to cross the path.  But one match, one spark, and I think the whole trail will go up in flames or the hills around it.

So while I'll spend almost every Sunday here until the marathon and watch the trail get dryer I can only hope that come the fall there will be some rain.

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