Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Commoner and Virgin America

Here are ten quick reasons why you should always fly Virgin whenever you can.  (Let's see if I can come up with 10)

1.  They fly out of San Francisco's beautiful Terminal 2-where could be a destination all of it's own with it's great NAPA inspired cafeteria and shops-like Pinkberry AND a candy store too.

2.  There's free wifi in the terminal and outlets and chairs everywhere.  Because if you've ever flown through parts of Kennedy or O'Hare you would sell your soul to have access to an outlet to charge stuff.

3  They have the best ever I've ever seen safety video complete with rappers, dancers, and safety information too.

4.  They have outlets on the plane.  I know again with the outlets but come on!

5. They fly direct to the east coast and if you have to transfer it's usually out of Los Angeles which is no big deal and if you are severely delayed going home you can always drive instead.

6.  Their flight attendants are professional and nice but not in a creepy way or a snotty way or a stupid unprofessional way-and their uniforms are outfitted by Banana Republic.  (Side Note-I once interviewed with them a few years ago to be a flight attendant but these people make NO money)

7.  The on board TV and movie selections.  Oh yeah and games and chat feature for meeting cute strangers in other seats or I suppose talking to your family or friends not sitting with you.

8.  You can purchase WIFI so you can work on research for your masters-or check out face book-or update your blog because yes there are outlets.

9.  If you are hungry you can order right from your seat and they bring it to you.  You can buy food or you can even order free drinks-or not free drinks.

10.  The seats are leathery and roomy and the mood lighting -that's right the mood lighting is really cool.

This blog entry has been bought to you from 2500 miles from JFK -wherever that is.