Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Commoner Thinks Marathon Training is Fun

I'm not even kidding.  Do you think I'm being sarcastic?  I'm not!  I love it and here are some reasons why.
The race is actually a lot of fun.  You've done all the work and there's lots of people and excitement and things to buy!
Your metabolism starts to rev and you are kind of hungry all of the time!  But you also slim down-this hasn't happened yet but it's starting to.  This year I started training 5 pounds heavier than last and they are just starting to come off now after the first month.  I think of my long runs as calories.  Last weekend we ran 11 miles -that's almost 1200 calories!
The training starts in the summer in summer vacation.  It's great because I have so much time to focus on it.  It's a great distraction from real-life because you are focused on the training.  But also there's the sweating.  It seems all I have to do is hit start on my Garmin and the sweat starts pouring from my head of all places.  I'm not sure what the deal with head sweating is but i like to wring out my Lebron James head band to see how sweaty I was.
My Garmin because it keeps my runs in check.  I can't cheat.  It doesn't yell at me like the Nike Bi**h used to but I do love it.
Quality time with my IPod shuffle and my great great play list.  I am the master of the running playlist and really when else would I be able to listen to music for such a long time.  I know I've increased my commute to 20 minutes a day up from 10 (round trip) but still that's only about 2 songs.  I love to zone out to the music.
Am I making this all rosy?  No!  I feel like my body is in constant states of pain.  Right now my foot is taped and I'm wearing a compression sleeve on my calf.  But somehow those pains make you feel more alive-tough-strange I know.
My trail!  I love my trail.  Last year I tried to find different places to run instead of the trail but now I embrace it.  I know what I will see at each new mile marker-and I'm ready for it.  I love my trail.  I don't love the snake but I love my trail.
And then there are all the cool running clothes you get to wear.  I buy a lot of them because I figure if I have them I'm obligated to run in them.
That's a cool new running shirt!

So right now my foot is achy but you know what?  I'm loving not having to run fast and only having to run far.  Run on everyone!!
Just Do It!  

Plus if you are running too-even if it's not a crazy marathon-you are even more awesome because you are not crazy!