Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Commoner's Play List!

I don't know what's on my play list but it's been a while so lets do this!  I'll press play on the shuffle and let's see what comes up. I have a rule where I can't change the song that comes on but in the last mile i can skip all of them.  Ironically these would probably all be skipped.  But they are good for the first 25 miles anyway!

Macklemore is a fixture on my IPOD because his music like Aloe Blac is so positive.  This song is not only deep but beautiful -this kind of slower music is all over my playlist -sometimes you need to relax not pound on your run-Same Love-plus he's from Seattle and their pride parade took four hours. I love that city.
Run This Town-Rhianna, Jay Z, and Kanye-I love all of those guys and gal and the song says Run-it's has that pounding beat for running this little town.
Tom Ford by Jay Z-not one of my favorites-it probably should be removed-it kind of made it on the list because it's Jay
All Alone by Fun-A strange little song.  I do feel All Alone when I run but that's a good thing
Can You Do This-Aloe Blac-I love this whole album.  This is a great running song because you can do this.  Then BRAVO made it's it's summer commercial song and now it's even better.
Wagon Wheel by Hootie-that's right Hootie-I just like his voice it's like velvet. I'm glad he revived his career -plus this song has a pretty good running beat.
Roar by Katy Perry-last year this was a mainstay on my marathon playlist but then like all her songs I got really tired of it.  Then I needed it again just to get through my days.  Now it's a victory song-here to get me through another marathon cycle.

Fighter by Christina Aguilera-Like Roar this is an old song who I pulled off of my running playlist long ago.  Then I needed it again just to get through my days and it's another victory song-and pretty good for running as well.

Impossible by Kanye-I just love it.  I love the fast rapping and it's a little inspiring.
Finally Hall of Fame by the Script.  It's the perfect inspirational workout song plus they are Irish so they get a little plus .

That's what I'm listening to-well these and 100 more!