Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Commoner's Homecoming

Hey Lebron James isn't the only one who returned home.  I just got back from my visit to New York.

I haven't been home since that botched attempt a few years ago and I really missed my family.  So I decided to go.  I didn't go to the city, I didn't see a show.  But I did get to visit and I did get to eat.  Here are some highlights.

My Uncle asked if I wanted to make any plans while I was there.  I really just wanted to visit and catch up with all the littles that I miss.  Also my only real plan was to eat as much pizza and as much Dunkin Donuts as I could.  Mission Accomplished.  WHY DON"T WE HAVE THESE THINGS HERE?
I ran a few times but Good God the humidity sucks the life out of you.  It wasn't even really humid -it wasn't even really hot.  But since I was running like this after Monday I didn't bother anymore. I did go for walks with my cousin Jenn and assorted babies but literally those accounted for a bite of a donut.  I don't care I said I'll run when I get home.
This is my cousin Pat.  He runs the NYC Marathon every year and this year he is injured.  He didn't run last week either.

This is Citi Field.  It's where the New York Mets play.  People think I'm a Yankees fan but really I'm a Met's fan.  People in California don't get that so I just say Yankees.  I didn't go to a game but I watched a lot on TV and it seems I'm a lucky charm for the Mets.  They never win but they do when I'm around AND they are still winning.  I love that-I miss them.
Long Island is famous for not only being Howard Sterns home but also for Charles Lindbergh.  He was from here and flew from Mitchell Field.  They built a museum there called The Cradle of Aviation.  This is my niece Reilly.  She posed at ever display for me.  She is super super smart and a lot of fun to hang out with.  If we lived closer I know we'd be shopping buddies.

Every one in my family almost-has a built in pool.  This makes summers super fun.  Here we are at my cousin Kim's pool also known as Utopia-she didn't name it that Taylor did.  And it fits the place.  It's a huge home.

If I were Lebron James I would have signed for the Knicks and moved to Long Island so that I too could be home.  I would have a school district hire me and then give my whole family their jobs here.  I would also bring the California weather.  Because really?  Our pizza may suck and we have no Dunkin but you can't beat our weather.

However I would not bring the snake I saw today.  Who told this snake (and his friend right near where I took this picture) that they could run on my trail.  I don't know who this guy was but he stood on the other side of the snake and then walked with me until I wasn't afraid anymore.  It was weird that there were no other runners or bike riders or walkers around-I think this guy was my guardian angel. I don't think he was real.

This snake can not come back to New York with me.

Until Next time New York......