Friday, July 18, 2014

The Commoner's Random Summer Thoughts

My hammock is my best place to be this summer.  I lay there for a long time.  Doing nothing.....I love it!

It's almost time for my trip to New Orleans and I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!
This summer my cousins and I decided we needed #Truthdaytuesday.  This is the day when you could call bullish*t on all of those stupid Facebook posts which you know are lies.  You know the ones-here are me and my wonderful husband having breakfast together.  When you want to say #truthdaytuesday  your husband is a jerk-you always say so.  We haven't really been able to pull this off.  It's really hard to do.  It's such a great idea though.  If you want to do it you can just hashtag it so the world can see.  And if you're brave enough?  Good for you!  I'm proud.
Music has been terrible this summer.  There have been no great hits.  I must be getting old because I don't even know the difference between an Iggy and an Ariana.  But this song?  I love this song.  It's called Come with me now by a band called Kongo.  It's my go to running song this year and it makes me bop around when it comes on.  Granted it's a little angry -but for a lot of people this summer has been a little angry just like this year so that's okay.  But it's great and the best part is that this video owns all of what belongs to this song like working out, working, and accordions.  Listen to it-like every thing else its the best 2014 could do for a summer song.
Have you checked out the latest ice cream treats available in your ice-cream freezer (in Target I found them)  These are not for people but for your dogs.  All the dogs on Long Island eat them and I was sure they didn't exist on the west coast.  But you know what?  They do!  Right there in your freezer section.  Most likely I've bought them and eaten them myself because you really have to read the fact that they say treating your dog doesn't get any cooler.  Benjie loved them Bella couldn't figure out how to eat them.  They were a little pricy for a treat but it kept them busy for a little while.

Have a great weekend