Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Favorites July 2015

So these are my favorite things from this week.

Stitches out of my knee

That's the first day of the surgery.  They mark your knee so they operate on the correct one.  My question is who was the unlucky person that deemed this so necessary 3 people checked before I had Anastasia   

Home made popcorn.  Okay you take a brown lunch bag put some popcorn (real stuff) and microwave it for 2 minutes.  YUM.  

Apple Music
Let's face it-you can't just watch the Office 24/7 when your knee hurts.  Sometimes I put music on instead.  I own a ton of music.  I always have.  So when I received the three month trial of Apple music service I was not impressed at first.  But over time Apple has figured out what I really like and given me access to some pretty amazing full length albums and mixes.

I've always liked Pandora and I'm going to be honest I can't figure out Spotify.  But this is pretty Applishish in it's ease.  Tonight I'm listening to U2 ballads.  

My Dogs
My dogs have been so awesome.  They are pretty use to having me home now and follow me everywhere I go.  Today they were shocked that I was leaving the house.  I'm trying to get out and walk around a little more even though it hurts.  This was there reaction as I was leaving today.

Finally I got to go to the US Navy base in Monterey with my son.  He had to drop off a uniform to be cleaned and I begged to go.  He also made me walk  almost a mile altogether .  Which wasn't too bad but I paid for it later.  A mile not even.

Have a good night y'all

(I'm not southern I just felt like saying that.)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Commoner's Summer 2015 Edition

I don't know what to say about this summer.  It was kind of a bummer and over taken by knee surgery.  I did get to go to Austin and that was fun.

Except for the knee which hurt and the Uber Identity theft I had to deal with.   It was awesome.  I really liked Texas and I liked the heat a lot.

But I'm not going to lie.  This summer was all about my knee and it overtook every decision and action leading up to and after it.  So while this was not an ordinary summer by any means it was still a summer.  Here are some things that happened because I couldn't really run before the surgery and I couldn't even walk after it.

I Read A Book

That's right a book.  Not a book about educational leadership or reclassification.  Not a book about running.  Not even a kindle book.  A real book and I couldn't put it down.

The book was The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah
It's about two sisters living in France during World War II.  You should read it.

I binge watched The Office

If House of Cards got me through my Masters Project and Scandal got me through all my job interviews it was The Office who was the perfect accompaniment to  my rehabilitation.  I don't know why I never watched The Office. I kind of thought I did.  But it was perfect.  Quick, funny, witty, and 9 long seasons.  It was perfect for long hours on the couch and late nights when my sleep was messed up.  I have 1 more season to go and I work on Monday so the pressure is on.

I really would like to work there, I think I liked Scranton.  

I started commenting on celebrity Facebook comments

So I read a lot of Facebook and Instagram.  Two things happened.  I became obsessed with Earthquake and El Nino warnings posting them constantly -much to the dismay of my family.  But hey, I'm house bound (couch bound really) I have to do these things for my family and friends who are having summer or working.

Since I knew I didn't want to constantly comment on my knee I commented on almost everything else including celebrity sites.  Kit Harrington who is John Snow on Game of Thrones was no exception.  He super cute with curly hair and a killer fur (sorry peta) and he died at the end of the year.  We are all devastated.  

He face books a lot and there were pictures of him in Belfast where they film Game of Thrones.  I commented that I hoped he was coming back in a dream sequence blah blah blah.  88 people liked that.  That's a record.  88 people including JOHN SNOW HIMSELF.
Here's the proof.

That was really it.  That's how I spent my summer vacation.  I also got really good at reading torn meniscus MRI photos and photos from the operation.  I learned how to use crutches  (mostly to scare the dogs away from my knee).  I almost cleared out my DVR playlist.  

I learned how to undo summer plans

This is the list of things I cancelled due to the knee

  • an overnight shopping trip to San Francisco with my daughter
  • a trip to the spa with commoner Kristen
  • a trip to Atlanta to visit my friend.
Okay I could have gone to Atlanta if I didn't mind 2 weeks of blood thinning injections.  I did mind them.  I didn't go.  

Yes it was a good summer.