Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Favorites July 2015

So these are my favorite things from this week.

Stitches out of my knee

That's the first day of the surgery.  They mark your knee so they operate on the correct one.  My question is who was the unlucky person that deemed this so necessary 3 people checked before I had Anastasia   

Home made popcorn.  Okay you take a brown lunch bag put some popcorn (real stuff) and microwave it for 2 minutes.  YUM.  

Apple Music
Let's face it-you can't just watch the Office 24/7 when your knee hurts.  Sometimes I put music on instead.  I own a ton of music.  I always have.  So when I received the three month trial of Apple music service I was not impressed at first.  But over time Apple has figured out what I really like and given me access to some pretty amazing full length albums and mixes.

I've always liked Pandora and I'm going to be honest I can't figure out Spotify.  But this is pretty Applishish in it's ease.  Tonight I'm listening to U2 ballads.  

My Dogs
My dogs have been so awesome.  They are pretty use to having me home now and follow me everywhere I go.  Today they were shocked that I was leaving the house.  I'm trying to get out and walk around a little more even though it hurts.  This was there reaction as I was leaving today.

Finally I got to go to the US Navy base in Monterey with my son.  He had to drop off a uniform to be cleaned and I begged to go.  He also made me walk  almost a mile altogether .  Which wasn't too bad but I paid for it later.  A mile not even.

Have a good night y'all

(I'm not southern I just felt like saying that.)