Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Commoners Leave Ladd Lane

The commoners began many years ago when we all were at our lovely kingdom Ladd Lane Elementary School

Ladd Lane was a fabulous place to work.  A wonderful kingdom where good times rolled and we were ruled by a beautiful queen.  
Those were such fun and happy days.  Until one day, a few years ago, Sosa was banished from the kingdom-in an very unjust move.  To make it worse it was two of the commoners who banished her.  That was the day of the Grim Reaper.
But Sosa is great.  She handled it with class.  Oodles more class than I would handle a similar situation later down the road because I handled that similar situation as if I came from New Jersey.

So I was the next to plan my exit -banished from the kingdom and sent to a school across town to take on a special project that had never been done before.  Exit Commoner 2.

Next to go was Kristen.  She and her sidekick decided they too would join the school of the special project.  The kingdom has changed and it's a good time to try something new. Even the queen had left the Kingdom. So next year we will be together.  Without all the trappings of our Palace-no bathrooms in our building, no air conditioning, and no Round Table for lunch.  
Finally Beth and Lesli decided that they too would leave the kingdom.  They have decided to try and work for a new queen in a new kingdom called middle school.

Alas The Commoners are preparing to leave Ladd Lane.  This is the last week-time to pack up and get ready to divide into two more places.  But we're commoners.  We'll always be together. Even though I will miss my beautiful kingdom I can not count the days down fast enough.  These days will be bitter sweet.

I'll miss the kids the most.  Because at the end I've Loved These Days

And A Second Song for Today
I will forever miss the kingdom.