Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Commoner's Thirteen for Thursday

Thirteen Thursday.  That means it's been a long time since I've written and I really have nothing to say.

The Giants were doing so well!  Up by 7 games and now that I can focus on them they are on a 5 game losing streak.
Meanwhile the Yankees have a new pitcher who never loses.  I think the Yankees are doing okay-not like the As but okay.
Kanye and Kim got married and honeymooned in Ireland.  Is it weird that they got married?  I don't know.  It is a little weird I guess.
Real Housewives of Orange County is back and it's great.  That new girl Shannon has such a great house and it's on the market.  13 million.  Let's all chip in!
Now that my fun strike is over it's time to get rid of my serious face!  Onward and upward!
My kids were super cute when they were little.  We used to have a lot of fun.  Look at Danny he was the wild one!
Random picture from Roald Dahl.  I probably will never get to read those books to a class again, unless.....I do a book club with kids after school!  Hey that's a great idea!
Today I upgraded my internet.  It's been about ten years.  When I called to complete the order they tried to have me pick a secret question. They said who is your favorite actor?  It took me 10 minutes to think of one and Danny finally said Tom Hanks.  i don't even like that guy. Why so many questions?
This is Joe.  He once played hockey on the same team as Alec Martinez.  Alec Martinez just scored the over time goal which helped the Kings beat the Rangers for the Stanley Cup.  Joe never should have taught Alec all his moves when they were 10  LOL!
These are my great grandparents.  Love this picture!
This is my cousin Paul.  He is a musician by trade.  He even teaches music in a school.  I don't know why he was dressed up as a priest.  But the guy is very talented.
The Commoners at a back to school party.  I hope there's one this year!  That party was fun.
Beefcake of the day.  There are never any beefcakes anymore.

Happy Thursday friends!