Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Commoner Plays Hookie

Every year I say I am going to go watch the Tour of California.  I mean why not? It's a huge bike race.  It's on TV.  I love that.  Usually I can't go because of school.  There's always something I can't miss.

Yes I was going to the Amgen Tour of America where it started in Cunningham Park.  It was so exciting to be around cycling because you know-I used to do that once upon a time.

So because it was going to be 100 degrees I ran in the morning.   The only benefit to running in the morning for me is the temperature and time management.  But there is no therapy involved in a morning run.  No stress to rid of so it's just a mechanical run.

So Danny decided to come with me and we drove to Raging Waters which is where stage 3 started.  I wanted to go to Mt. Diablo and watch them climb the mountain but the start just made more sense.  

A cycling expo is not like a running expo and nothing like anything that existed in my day of racing.  It was mostly vendors with nothing really and only a few.  There was no where to buy food or drink. not even water.  And you couldn't get near the riders.  So I parked at a great spot along the start line where this poor guy was practicing his web-cast or something.  
He had to type his own script on his IPad.

The great thing about my spot was that the riders passed by on their way to sign in and then back out.  I don't know who anyone is but I took all there pictures.  Want to see?  Kidding.  I'll show you one friendly guy.
One knight who is also a Tour De France winner, an Olympic winner and a Knight.
There were lots of riders.  I have pictures of all of them.  These guys are so thin.  Their thighs are about the size of a softball.  They are crazy fit.  And just crazy.  It was hot but they did great.  

I resisted the urge to stay home all week and follow them from race to race for my own Tour of California.  Hence I didn't.

I went to Chipotle, got a new iPhone , went to wing stop and then home to do homework.  Same thing right?

It was nice to get away from work and all the stress.  It was fun.

That's how I raced my bike.  My legs are still a little bigger than the racers legs.