Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Runner and Hell Week

I haven't written all week because it's that week of the semester when you are working your you know what (begins with an A or a B) off.  I'm sleep deprived so here are five highlights of my week.  (Notice I spelled out 5 because I've been writing a crapload of papers APA style).
What mind?

So 5 Random things...

Every day this week was over 90 degrees.  I only actually had time for 1 run this week but alas don't worry I squeezed a few extra in.  Running before work seems impossible with my new job so it always has to be after.  It's hot and I carry water and I slog-not run. But that's okay I'm burning calories and working on my tan.
It was the week in class (the one I go to not the ones I teach)  everything was due.  So that meant late nights writing papers and reading so much I couldn't see anymore.  But I survived.  Even if it meant nights up to midnight.

Many people in my class are feeling overwhelmed.  That's okay.

This is week 25 of Smarter Balanced Testing.  This is what it looks like in my testing palace.
Today wasn't a run in the heat .  A slog.  Today was a lovely run on my trail.  It may be the best run I have had in a long long time.

Seriously I was on FIRE.  I felt strong!  I was hitting a great stride! I yes I was passing people and leaving them in the dust! I was not even slowing on the upgrade at three miles to go.  I was on FIRE!!!!

Song of the Day.

I've been in a Billy Joel mood lately.  Probably because of the Billy Joel Sirius Station and the Recent town hall with Howard Stern.  This is one of my favorites..

Photo of the Day!

Out of New York that's Me!