Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Commoner's Favorites

Yesterday I decided I would run as fast as I could behind Bob for as long as I could.  That was stupid.  But when I came home He noticed that the toe of my $150 dollar Aasics shoe was worn out.  Granted it had 350 miles but really?  I think Aasics is getting a letter.  If I ever bought shoes that cost that much trust me they wouldn't wear out in six months.  But I love them because they never make my famous Planters Fisciatis flair up.  They are bouncy!

I'm going to have to have a little discussion with my friends at Aasics. But I bought the same exact pair again because they are fantastic.  They are also the most expensive shoe in my favorite store Road Runner Sports.  I love that place.  I want everything there.  I won't be selfish, I don't need every color just one of every style of everything.

I have another product that I just love.  One of my favorite stores is Lush.  They sell bath and beauty products.  There was a time when the only way to get one of my children who I won't name to take a bath was to buy the bath bombs.  But while in San Francisco with Meghan I stopped in and bought this wonderful product.

This product is fantastic.  It's made of vodka, coconut oil, advocate oil, and ocean salt.  You scrub it anywhere, I use it on my face and hands rub it around and rinse it off with warm water.  My skin has never been this soft.  It smells great AND it's not so bad if it gets on your lips.  You should try it.  Plus it lasts a long time.

So this weekend I ran a lot, did a lot of work for my class-seriously a ridiculous lot, and some projects for work, also frustrating.  A few more weeks right.

Picture of the day
I love this rainbow picture from a few years ago.

Song of the Day
I LOVE this song

Also I have to do a better job of picking up my feet when I run.