Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Commoners Vacation

My favorite word-VACATION!!!!
I'm taking my vacation in beautiful Hollister.

There will be running
I won't be running on this beach in Newport-it will be the pavement of Hollister.

I'll be going for a spa treatment.  I'm not even kidding.  I am!
I hope this spa has relaxing stain glass windows.

My vacation also includes a conference call with the professor in charge of my masters project.  She told me to have 30 interview questions ready by Tuesday.  30 is so that she can tell me to change 25 of them.  That's the highlight of the day.  
If I can run a marathon I can tackle that chore.

I also have an overnight shopping trip to San Francisco with Meghan because I love all of those things!

So that's my week.  Happy Tax Day , Happy Holy Thursday and Good Friday, Happy work on your paper week, and don't forget to remember those from Boston.

Video of the Day-if this doesn't inspire you nothing will

Picture of the day

Tilt your head.  Marathons and marathoners are awesome (If i do say so myself)