Monday, April 21, 2014

The Commoner and Random Thoughts

Lent is over!  Easter has passed!  He is risen!  Best of all?  I can eat candy again!
 The problem with this is that sugar candy (you know like above-not chocolate) to me is like a drug.  If I eat one piece I'll eat the whole bag.  It's a straight up addiction.  I can't stop. I won't gain weight but I will feel like crap.  And worse yet?  Withdrawals are crazy hard.  They make me super cranky to those around me!
So I'm probably going to try to stick with it as long as I can.  Believe it or not I've gained three pounds since giving up candy.  But I definitely feel better.  So I'll probably stay with it.

Random Thought number 2:  Today was the Boston Marathon.  The last time the Boston Marathon happened we all know what we went through.  It was horrible.  

Since then I trained for and ran the Chicago Marathon.  I will never run Boston UNLESS I can run the pace I ran in Chicago when I'm 75-then my time will  qualify.  But I learned some things from watching the race.

  • Elite Runners are really light and short
  • You can actually race against people.
  • There's a thing called the Marathon Shuffle that Meb didn't use in the last mile.  I run the Marathon Shuffle all of the time-even on three mile runs.
  • Elite runners don't wear headphones
Americans are hard to defeat.  We'll always come back when attacked-even if we attack ourselves.  And to make it better an American actually won!  The first time in 31 years.

Finally! Random Thought number 3!  Remember I told you I won? Maybe you don't remember.  Shout out to Sparkly Soul Inc.  I told you I love Running Expos right?  Well Sparkly Soul doesn't know I've followed them on Instagram for a while.  So when I was at the expo I looked for their booth and bought a black sparkly hairband to run in.  I entered for a chance to win and I DID!  I one 6 hairbands of my choice.  They are beautiful and I am lucky.   The hairbands look like this!
You can buy them in any color and lots of designs.  They don't slip, they don't give you a head ache and you can have a little style while   you are running.  Which is one of the best things about running.  Personal style.

Photo of the day--The Marathon Shuffle-Plus this is one of the top ten days of my life!

Song of the day
Can't Hold Us-Macklemore  Because it's still my favorite running song.  And it kind of goes with the Boston Marathon I think

Congratulations to Eric and Mike-two old friends who finished today with amazing times.