Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Commoner's Lesson-Run When You Don't Want To

It's been my first week since I am not a part of the Teacher's Union Executive Board.  Thus I have this available time after work-no meetings!!!  Let the stressful thoughts flow!  Because with that much 'free' time I start to think think think.
It meant I actually had time to run every day.  Every day except Wednesday.  Because Wednesday I decided to join Commoner Kristen at the 'Farmer's Market'

I had been in a crappy mood all day because I don't enjoy uncertainty in my life.  So I didn't run and I stayed cranky.
That was a mistake.  Feeling the same way the next day (and the day before actually)  I ran -I ran fast!  And all my problems melted away.  So the lesson is -on the most stressful of days-you don't need a break you need to run faster!

Plus I gained 5 pounds this week.  I don't mind the neck ache, or the other side effects of stress but 5 pounds meant enough of that crap.  After all what would Jay Do?

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