Monday, May 13, 2013

The Commoner Apologizes

You guys really love serious commoner but I can't just be mushy, serious, commoner.  No sir.   Even though today's task is to apologize for something....

You know what I'm sorry for?  I'm sorry I have terrible eating habits.

I'm not salty or sweet-I'm salty AND sweet.  I can't help it.  I like carbs.  I like chips.  I like pizza.  I like chocolate.

There's a problem with this.  In 28 days I'll begin training for my first marathon.
This idiotic feet is going to require hours of running just for the training-never mind the actual race.  If I'm going to ask this body that turns 50 on the day of the race to do this, I better help it out.

That means I'll be eating more fruits and vegetables and vitamins.
It's not that I hate fruits and vegetables.  Okay maybe I do.  It's that they are so much work.  Except for a seedless grape, every single fruit is a chore.  Even the ones that don't require peeling, slicing, or seeding-are tedious.  Boring and painful.

Vegetables?  Please.  I like a good salad-if someone else makes it and it's accompanied by a sandwich or loaf of bread.  

I'll make peace with them because I have to.  But I have to apologize to you -I HATE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES.  For that I'm sorry.

Long live the Potato chip.  (That's a vegetable right?)