Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Commoners Favorite Road Race

I have to take a day off from my blogging assignment because I have to tell you about my experience at Bay to Breakers.  

This is absolutely my favorite race of the year.  I love it for so many reasons.  I love it because there are thousands of people in costumes who you can beat.  I love it because the weather is always pristine.  I love the energy of the crowd and I love it mostly for the scenic views of San Francisco that you get to see on foot.  That's right-look up.

I don't even mind the naked guys.

This is the only race that I've raced every year since I began racing-so it's a good barometer on my progress and it's a lot of fun.  You will never finish last here. 

We stay by the airport the night before, drive in, grab a free parking spot at the start and throw some tortillas.  So fun.

I lay out my clothes the night before because you still have to get up at 4:30 when I notice.  No shoes in the suitcase.

That's right no shoes.

I'm fussy about my shoes. I basically run on pillows.  Nike Air Mottos that you can only buy at the outlets when they occasionally have them.  I change them every 300 miles like clock work always with the same brand. 

It's 7:39 exactly and I have 3 choices.  Go home (3 hours round trip), go to Sports Authority, or use Rob's worn out Asics which he recently retired because they caused pain to his sciatica after about 900 miles, or not run.

We high tale it to Sports Authority.  I had consulted with Nike over the phone.  They told me ask for Pegasus, but don't use Frees because they will hurt my legs.

Get the car out of Valet Parking.  Drive to SA.  ask for Pegasus.  Oh no the hipster dude says, we don't carry those, most women really like minimal shoes.

I'm like 'dude' I'm almost 50 I like to run on pillows.  

I was tempted to buy a pair of Asics, as I've been studying those but there was a no return policy if you wore the shoes.

Okay I'll wear Rob's shoes.  Got to the race.  Loved the fact that there were a ton of security a police everywhere, who were really doing their jobs.  Got to the A corral.  Tied the big worn out shoes really tight.  I'm ready to go.

Well I made do.  There were times when my shins and knees started to hurt and I had to stop and stretch.  This definitely took off some time. But... I beat my prior years time.  That's good.  Nothing really hurt in fact there were times when I felt like I was flying-and it had nothing to do with people smoking in Golden Gate Park.

I Will NEVER forget my shoes again.  And I'll probably buy my own proper fitting cushior pair of Asics.  And I still love Bay to Breakers-if you pick up your head, you'll smile a lot.