Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Commoner's Favorite Bloggers

Today's task is to write about my favorite blogger.  If I don't have one then write about someone who should blog.

I have been a loyal reader of Perez Hilton for many years.  From the time he first started almost.  I love that guy.  He had all the good gossip and was really funny-especially when he hated a celeb.

I still like him, but he's not really a blogger anymore. He's skinny, he's rich, he's nice to the celebs-but he still breaks the news before anyone else.

I'll be honest.  Most bloggers that I follow are runners.  Most of them are young, most of them are fast.  Like everyone else I follow Hungry Runner Girl faithfully.  
She's great. She's cute, her husband is a law student, she lives in the San Jose area, her baby is so cute, and she runs FAST.  She wins races.  She's like a happy, cute, well adjusted house wife. 

But she's too perfect for me.  I have trouble identifying with her as I shlup through my 9:40 paced runs after work.  While I read her every day twice a day (she's so perfect she blogs twice a day) she can't be my favorite.

So that leaves me with who should be a blogger.  My cousin Lori-That's right Gumass
My cousin Lori is so funny. I usually always stay with her when I go to New York because I'm guaranteed to laugh uncontrollably the whole time. 

Wether she flushes her keys down the toilet 100 miles from home, wins big at the casino, get's gum stuck in her pants, or is simply driving down the road, or sleeping in her family room with the lights bright -her escapades are beyond compare.

So my favorite bloggers are-Perez Hilton, Hungry Runner Girl and GUMASS!

Love Ya Lori