Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Commoner Rants and Raves

Today my job is to rant and rave.  Are they kidding?  Have you met me? That's all I do is rant and rave. 

So I'm ranting about computer passwords.  

 Why does the criteria change every single time you use it on every single site.  You are then forced to remember combinations of capital letters, numbers, characters,  and spaces.

I want to pull my hair out and every single time I try to make a payment or buy something I have to remember my user name and  password.  Half the time I'm locked out after trying and then end up going through the entire process of having my password resent or setting a new one.
But wait!  You can always answer a security question.  And then I have to think about this.....Did I capitalize my mother's maiden name?  Did I leave a space between New York as my birth city?  Which number do I remember from my youth for my phone?  Upstairs or downstairs? (Yes we had two-long story)

So then I will decide forget it I'll open a new account-which goes great until they say-someone with that email or user name is already registered.  THAT'S ME I yell.  

So at that point I need to make a new E-Mail address.

So there's my rant and rave. The password system on the internet is out of control.