Friday, May 10, 2013

The Commoner's Embarrassing Moment

Today's task in the May Blog Challenge is to write about your most embarrassing moment.  I've don't really have these, mostly because I don't let what other people think bother me. 

Then today at work something I felt was embarrassing did happen to me and I was devastated by it.  I was so devastated I had to try not to flip a table Theresa Guidice style.

But rather than start a Jersey Style feud I'll move on.

It just so happened my class did a project today-thoughts about school.  These things often help me reflect on the year and get ready for the next.  I often find the things I thought were great they never remember.  Like Science Fair projects.

One question was tell me about your most embarrassing moment this year.  So here they are and I've done most of them too.

  • Walking into a mettle pole
  • tripping at the lunch table and falling on their face
  • Falling out of their chair
  • Slipping in the bathroom
  • singing in the Christmas program
  • Crying

So can we agree that falling at any time, any where, at any age is pretty much the most embarrassing thing that can happen at any age at any time -falling.  

Admit it -if you are unfortunate enough to fall the FIRST thing you think of is -did anyone see that?

So the next time you fall-and you are not lucky enough to be unnoticed-remember the mother of all falls-Jennifer Lawrence at the Academy Awards.