Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Day in the Life of A Commoner

Today the task of the blog challengers apparently was to bore you to death.  BTW  (that means by the way)  you guys weren't that thrilled with happy commoner.  Maybe boring commoner will be more your speed.

This was supposed to be a photo essay and I did take pictures but left my camera at work.  Staying true to my assignment I'll find suitable substitutes from my favorite Google Images.

5:00  Wake up and have breakfast.  I always watch Boomer and Carton and eat Eggos.  They are so funny-catch up on NY sports have a laugh and get ready for work.

6:00  Same
7:00 Tend to the dogs and leave for work.

8:00  Get to work and get ready to take on the day.  It takes me a long time just to unpack my bags and make coffee in my new Keurig.

9:00 Teach Math
10:00 Recess
11:00 Lunch at Togos with yummy Tuna Sandwich.  Can't stop eating
12:00  Okay now this gets good.  This is a commoner story.

My class had permission slips, comforting chaperones, and were all ready to watch The Witches -this went along with our author study.

I have the movie on Amazon Instant Watch on Ipad and know that it works.  Only it doesn't work on the projector.

Sadness.  I will defeat this.  I try my Iphone.  Download the app pull up the movie, start watching it on my phone.  Hook up the computer (the kids are waiting and reading)  I'm not authorized to project this movie. Really?  Sadness

Pay TEN Dollars to down load it on Itunes.  We go to Computers, we go to PE we go to Recess, I go to my room and try to watch the movie on the projector.  PROHIBITED.  Sadness.  Do an art lesson -cute cartoon fish make everything better-(had to use IPhone for this to bypass the block on the art website I use).  Order a DVD and the kids are awesome.  

4 O'Clock host a HESTA meeting in my classroom.
6:00 Go home -decide the meet I defrosted smelled gross and made bacon and eggs.
Did laundry.
Watched American Idol (I don't care who wins)

I'm sorry are you awake yet?   This is really boring.  The pictures may have made it better.  Maybe tomorrow I'll post some.

That's it-that's a day in the life.  That's why I'm a commoner.  This is the boring that I told you about.  Embrace it.