Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Commoner's Common Days

I've gone missing.  I've gone missing because I'm about six weeks away from graduation and these are my days.

  • wake up
  • check email
  • have breakfast while binge watching Parenthood
  • Get dressed 
  • go to work
  • work
  • run
  • eat dinner
  • do homework
  • feed the dogs and binge watch parenthood
  • start the wind down process
  • go to sleep
That's it.  I've set aside March and April for my friends stress and nervous breakdown.  Not much to write home about.

I have a half marathon this weekend.

I ran in 90 degree heat today.  Which was supposed to be an easy make a deal with yourself run 3 miles however you want and then walk 2.

But I couldn't walk the two because I passed these two women and I didn't want them to catch me so I ran 5 with a short walk break at 3.

When it's hot and you run-you hallucinate and think a blowing leaf is a mouse.

You scream.

I'm dropping a picture in here because geesh you need to see a picture.

CELEBRATE I'm almost done with school

This is my grandfather binge watching Parenthood on our first color TV
Random picture of my mother and grandmother-

Praise Jesus it's almost baseball season