Friday, March 15, 2013

The Commoner Gets Fancy Nails

I never get my nails done.  Can you believe that I have never had a manicure?  I'm blessed to have strong, long, healthy, nails.  I've never needed them.

My days are super crazy.  Work, running, and for some reason tons of meetings all the time.  The other day a friend said come on lets go get our nails done.  You know me -I never turn down anything (probably why I go to so many meetings).

There is nothing but pizza places and beauty salons in the town I live in.  We went to one I've never heard of.  It was on the outside edge of town.  Spa Nails maybe?  Not really sure. I'd have to go there to tell you.

I walked in and looked at the nail polish on the wall.  Most of which looked like it  was old and handed down from another salon-they all looked the same.  I can't make that choice.

No need-I'm getting Gel Nails-which last forever and for which I have to come back to take them off, or else wrap them in tin foil and put my hands in the oven.  I don't know.

Furthermore my friend insist we have a design and we pull up pinterest on my phone until we find the perfect design.  Great-I'm thrilled!  

So we have a snazzy design and we are ready to go.  Finally my nail person (what do you call those people) comes by and gets to work on my beaten up nails.

There was a point when the owner walked in.  She had her feet manicured and then bumped my nail lady out of the chair and finished my nails herself.  I wasn't sure what to make of this but I was happy to have the boss take over.

It was a chatty group of three there that day.  There was a lady who was a flight attendant for American Airlines and she had lots of stories to tell.  I also found out that my beautiful nail lady/manicurist (that's what they call them) was from Long Island.

I love Long Island-I miss New York I say to the manicurist don't you?  She shrugs and says I like San Francisco.  End of conversation.  She's right though-if NY were not my home city I might say the same thing.  I LOVE San Francisco.

So I walked out with fancy nails.  I've never had fancy nails-it's kind of distracting and I think some of it may have been done with a sharpie.  But that's okay-I kind of like it.  I may have a new addiction.