Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Commoner and The Zombie Apocolypse

I'm pretty sure I may have a zombie obsession going on.  I think it began with Walking Dead.  It's not like  Vampires which I was raised on.  That's right raised on-Dark Shadows at 4 years old.  This acquisition of an obsession started about 5 years ago.

Have you read The Passage or The follow up The Twelve?  All zombies.

I find real life zombie events in my life all the time.  When we landed in Dublin after a 12 hour flight-all the Americans trying to get through immigration? We were the walking dead for sure.  No life in our eyes.

When on the occasion that I would like a quiet lunch in my classroom, the students don't take the fact that I won't open the door for them lightly.  They become zombies banging at the door, staring in the window for a full half hour.  They are zombie children and they won't stop until I come out of hiding.  Usually when lunch is over. Knock, knock, pound, pound open the door.

The Walking Dead hooked me though.  I was gripped by the story line and learned to do a great impersonation of a zombie.  

Every week I watch Walking Dead and usually I come away depressed and sad. Because that's what television is supposed to make you want to be.  Depressed and sad right?  

But I make my own fun watching the show.  I do the impersonations-I do a british accent everytime the character The Governor comes on.  I say things like "Gobenor your daughter is a zombie Gobenor."  Rob loves all these things.  To make the viewing even more fun I often ask numerous questions about what's happening.

I often wonder what the point of zombie fighting is.   Will it ever end or are these poor characters destined for fighting zombies and worse other humans for the rest of eternity.  

I know when the zombie apocalypse comes I have no intention of staying and fighting. It's dirty, it's exhausting.  But regardless -another season of Walking Dead is over.

But luckily zombie lovers there are some other zombie projects to help us through the long hot summer.  Brad Pitt has a great movie coming out. World War Z.

Okay so today I saw World War Z.  Those zombies would have totally kicked my butt.  They were SUPER FAST!  Plus they look nothing like my impersonation.  I hope you got to see it.