Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sometimes you skip a workout

Remember the day I was feeling so strong!  I was lifting more weight doing better reps.  Yeah well that was dumb.  Tuesday was a scheduled day off but Tuesday night I was sitting at my computer when -what was that?
No it wasn't a computer virus it was a cramp in my back.  So I cancelled Wednesday's workout.  Because-you know-I can

I felt better after some icy hot and rest.  I have a thing about icy hot.  I might be addicted but i love it.

In two days we are going to Ireland for Meghan's wedding.  Today was a scheduled day off so I could prepare.  There's a lot to do before a trip let alone an international trip let alone a wedding let alone when security is heightened because of more terror.

Ugly bathroom selfie-I was trying to check out the back of the dress.  I'm terrible at selfies.

Anyway I was able to get in a three mile run at 7AM before I started the day.  I'm sure half of the school saw me and were wondering what was going on.

It was a wonderful 3 mile run  in very cold weather.

One more run before our plane leaves tomorrow.  I probably won't be blogging because I'm not bringing work out clothes or even sneakers.  I'm off to the castle
Running Song of the Day.  I have a Great Gatsby obsession.  I even have a pinterest board that says it.  Love the book love the movies Loved the Leo version.  Hence this song.  Love this song