Friday, March 11, 2016

The Commoner and the Treadmill

My marathon training is in limbo until I get back from the wedding.  So there are lots of thoughts right now about how much I just love running.  I have to keep myself pumped at the prospect of 4 months of training.  More if you count the pre training I'm taking on .

This is a turkey on our trail where I will run my long runs.  He stopped us so that his family could cross the road.  He was brave and strong and now I will not eat turkey.  Here's to all the animals I will see on my trail this summer.
Let's talk about the gym.  This is the year I took it seriously.  Because of my knee I felt like I had to listen to my doctor and learn to be stronger.  
So at the gym there are people who talk to each other-at 5 AM.  There are people who rest a lot and hog machines between sets.  And finally there's the treadmill.  I hate it but I do it even though I feel like I'm falling.

I did that yesterday.  I don't like running in the dark.  It's creepy.

When I get to New York I will bring home lots of devil dogs.

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