Monday, March 21, 2016

Good News for Running

Today I went to the gym and actually felt strong in my workout.  I was able to use the heavier weights-I was able to feel strong.  I was able to do the reps-it was awesome.  Marathon Goal -to go into training as strong as possible.

I've been thinking I should call my fancy knee doctor to see what he thought about me running the New York City Marathon.  My doctor is super important so you can't speak to him on the phone.  You have to speak to a person who speaks to him and calls you back.
Doctor what precautions do I need to do for my knee to run the New York City Marathon.  See what I did there?  I didn't ask if I should because oh I'm going to Jerry.  I asked what I should do. 
Doctor said NO PRECAUTIONS and that he's so excited that I'm going to run this race.
That's my happy dance.

Workout song of the day happens to be my all time favorite work out song that I always try to listen to.
My favorite line of any song ever-"sensitive thugs you all need hugs"

Sing it Jay!